Episode 4128

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Kit defies the law as the Hunter family’s battle to beat Amanda continues. Tasha’s desperate escape bid takes a dangerous turn.

Extended Summary

Tony holds Beth in his arms – it’s been a tough couple of days. She has just woken up from spending the night in hospital by Graham’s side. She was easy on Amanda the day before – but not now. She won’t let Amanda win this time!

Amanda’s feeling nervous about her day in court. She wishes Josh could be there with her… He gives Amanda a pep talk and reminds her that if the truth comes out about Project 56, she’ll be facing criminal charges! Amanda pulls herself together…

Morag preps everyone for the court case – it is going to be a tough day! They need proof to show Amanda is only with Graham for his money… Robbie is happy to testify that he saw Amanda and Josh kissing – but a kiss doesn’t prove that there was an affair. Kit’s mind is ticking – she has a plan! She heads to the council offices and tries to get into Josh’s office – but is stopped in her tracks by the man himself! Josh calls security and as Kit is being dragged out, the security camera catches her eye – another plan! Kit! Eventually she turns up, smiling, holding a video tape – it has surveillance footage from the council with Amanda coming and going at all hours and Josh giving Amanda a kiss! Morag points out it was illegally obtained

Amanda is on the stand doing a convincing job of the grieving soon to be widow. She insists that she loves Graham and can’t bare to let him go. Morag cross examines Amanda, making her very nervous. Morag pulls out the surveillance photos in desperation to catch Amanda out – the Judge questions where Morag got the images. She doesn’t know. They can’t be used as evidence! Jack and Martha get a call from Graham’s solicitor – he has a copy of the divorce papers! They race the papers to Morag in court! They make no difference to the case! Judge Gilroy is in favour of Amanda! The court is outraged – Amanda can’t believe it either! Josh is quietly smiling when he hears Amanda won the court case. He knew all along – he paid off Judge Gilroy to swing the outcome or Josh would expose dirty secrets of the Judge…

Out at The Farm, Tasha wakes up locked in a shed! She winces at the pain from her foot – the sole has been tattooed with numbers 21006… Jonah brings her food – Tasha pleads with him to be released. Jonah refuses, heading out. Robbie leaves the Bay before the others head to the court house – there is something he needs to do first! He arrives at The Farm and asks to speak with Tasha. Jonah tells Robbie that Tasha has gone to the city with Mumma Rose and won’t be back for a few days. Tasha sees Robbie through a window in the shed – she screams out to him – he can’t hear her! Jonah is behaving strangely – Robbie asks that he tell Tasha he dropped by to see her. He drives back to the court case. Tasha is exhausted – how is she going to get out of here? She kicks her breakfast tray in frustration – breaking the glass… She piles a stack of straw and hay against the shed door and gets the glass forming a ray of light to the straw, like a magnifying glass – to start a fire… Eventually smoke appears! She blows it, flames erupt, smoke pours out – Tasha didn’t anticipate this all happening so quickly! She doesn’t notice the container of kerosene hidden nearby – WOOF! It catches alight – the fire is out of control! Tasha screams for her life, but there is no sign of help!

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