Episode 4127

Australian Air Date: 21st February 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

A suspicious Beth vows to fight Amanda all the way to stop her getting her hands on Graham’s money.

Extended Summary

Amanda can’t believe that she has to keep Graham alive to get the money! She tells Josh that Graham has another copy of the divorce papers and the Project 56 document. This news stuns Josh into action – Amanda’s job is to keep Graham alive and Josh will hunt down the divorce papers! Amanda bursts into Graham’s room in tears, saying that she’s changed her mind and that they can’t turn off the machine! The others are stunned!

Josh searches Amanda’s apartment for the documents – Morag arrives as he does so, but Josh manages to keep still until Morag moves off. Phew.

Back in the hospital, Beth is surprised at Amanda’s change of heart. Amanda insists that this has all happened too quickly and that she wants some time to think it all over – despite Graham asking for the life support to be turned off! Robbie and Kit turn up to see Graham. Amanda continues wailing, Beth is still questioning and the rest of the family are stunned! An argument breaks out and Robbie blurts out that ‘Grandpa knew about the affair!’. Beth and the others can’t believe it… Robbie explains as Morag enters, questioning Amanda – it’s very convenient that Graham found out about the affair and Project 56 and now he’s in hospital! Amanda claims to have nothing to do with it…

Josh is back at the Hunter house – he’s broken in and trying desperately to find the other copy of the divorce papers. He finally finds them stuck to the fridge – waiting for Beth to find them! Bingo!

Back in Graham’s room, Amanda is being spooked by shadowy images of Graham. Her guilt is beginning to get the better of her! Rachel tries, unsuccessfully, to talk to Amanda about letting Graham off the life support – she won’t hear of it! Beth tries next. Amanda barely responds – she sees another ghostly image of Graham, gets up and runs out, leaving Beth confused! Robbie puts two-and-two together and figures out that the post-nuptial will leave Amanda with nothing if Grandpa dies within the first three months of their marriage! All are stunned!

Josh attempts to calm Amanda down as she insists she wants out of this entire mess! It’s gone too far and she can’t go on! Josh won’t hear it – he becomes menacing and tells her to pull herself together, they’ve both got too much riding on this! Get back to Graham’s bedside, now!

Dr Young says it is still Amanda’s choice, as Graham’s wife, as to whether the life support remains on or not. Beth wonders if there is anything they can do about this legally – Morag says it is possible, but will be hard to prove! Amanda walks back into the corridor, everyone sees her and they go for her jugular! Hospital staff restrain the family! Kit is the most furious and makes it clear to her that she won’t let her get away with this! As Beth and Tony calm Kit down, Morag enters and hands Amanda a writ – the Hunter’s are progressing with legal action – see you in court Miss Vale!

Josh reads the writ – Amanda will have to really pull out her acting skills now. There is nothing they can do – no evidence or proof. It’s up to Amanda to give an award winning performance! Amanda isn’t so sure that she can handle this pressure. Josh reminds her of what is at stake here!

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