Episode 4126

Australian Air Date: 20th February 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Amanda struggles with her conscience as guilt over her involvement in Graham’s death consumes her. Robbie and Kim’s camping trip takes an unexpected twist when a face from the past makes a surprising reappearance.

Extended Summary

Graham is still out cold on the apartment floor. Amanda calls Josh immediately – what should I do next?! Josh talks her out of calling an ambulance and reminds her that if Graham dies, Amanda will get everything and Project 56 will be safe! As Amanda is on the phone, Beth enters and panics seeing her Dad on the floor! Amanda pretends she is on the phone to the ambulance crew – Beth gives Graham CPR. Still no ambulance… Amanda calls ‘000’ and abuses the operator, demanding to know why an ambulance hasn’t shown up yet! Josh turns up and has to pretend to be shocked when he sees the scene. He takes over the CPR and manages to get Graham’s heart pumping again! Great news for Graham and Beth – not for Josh and Amanda!

Graham is rushed to hospital and taken straight into emergency. Amanda reveals to Josh that Graham found Project 56 documents in the apartment and he knew about their affair! Josh heads off… Amanda, Beth and the family head in to see Graham – Amanda puts on the water works, feeling genuinely guilty for the entire situation. She leaves to get some air and calls Josh. He has taken all the evidence – the only thing in their way is Graham living to tell the truth! Beth touches Graham’s hand, he begins to stir! Beth buzzes for the nurse!

Graham can’t remember anything – he gets upset at the sight of the cords and tubes attached to him and he makes Beth promise him that she’ll flick the switch if need be – he doesn’t want to be hooked up to any machines! As Beth promises her father, Amanda enters. The others leave Amanda and Graham alone to talk. Amanda hopes Graham can’t recall anything – but he does – he remembers everything! He also says that he has made a copy of the divorce papers and Project 56 and refuses to tell Amanda where they are. Graham begins to get chest pains again, Amanda holds the buzzer out of his reach demanding to know where the copies are! He refuses to tell her as he flat lines…. Amanda buzzes on the buzzer. Staff rush in and try to revive him – even Amanda can’t believe what she is capable of… Dr Green announces that Graham has had a second heart attack and is brain dead due to the lack of oxygen! He will remain on life support until the family and Amanda have decided what is best… Amanda and Beth discuss the options and decide that turning off the life support is best – it’s what Graham wanted. As the family are saying their final goodbyes to Graham before flicking the switch, Josh pulls Amanda aside and shows her a clause in her post-nuptial, stating Graham cannot die within the three month agreement period or Amanda won’t get a thing! We have to keep Graham alive!

Kim has taken Martha’s advice and has convinced Robbie to go camping with him for a few days. They unload the stuff near a river as Kim tries his hardest to cheer up his mate….it’s been a tough time for Rob. As they boys set up the tent, Robbie begins to open up a little – saying how much he misses Tasha and how he’s feeling pretty lost… Keen to break the topic, Robbie and Kim go for a swim. Having a beer on the bank in the sun, the boys are starting to relax… Robbie turns question time to Kim – what’s happening with you and Rachel? Kim explains the job and ethics situation with Rachel, but it’s obvious that Kim is still really into her.

As Robbie says he’s staying away from chicks for the time being, a gorgeous girl appears!! The boys give Jane a beer and get to know her. She’s funny and really hitting it off with Rob – she says she’s camping nearby with a girlfriend of hers. The boys wait while Jane goes to get her friend and are surprised to learn that Jane’s friend is Kit! She’s been out of rehab and has been clean since – her friend Jane has really helped her through it. Kit and Kim move off to get drinks – it is a bit awkward between them considering their history – but it is a new start, for both of them. The fun is interrupted by a phone call to Kit telling her all about Graham on life support! Oh no!

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