Episode 4134

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Alf’s day of reckoning arrives as his fraud trial begins. Helpman’s sexual harassment of Rachel continues.

Extended Summary

It’s the day of Alf’s fraud trial and Morag is running them through what to expect in court. Their aim is to prove Josh was behind the set up but with the evidence not in Alf’s favour, Morag doesn’t want to set false hope. To make matters worse, Morag is faced with the presiding judge whom she suspects of being corrupt, but secretly hides her concern from Alf.

The trial is in full swing. Judge Gilroy calls the Prosecution for its next witness but there is shock all around as Richard Ward, the computer specialist, enters the court room. Alf can’t believe his eyes – this man is in fact ‘Paul Maloney’, the same man who offered him the money for his campaign for Mayor. Richard claims he has never seen Alf before. Morag demands time to investigate this man before taking to the stand to cross-examine him, but Judge Gilroy objects. Morag watches on in disgust as Richard aka ‘Paul’ states it’s nearly impossible for a hacker to have transferred the funds given the security of banking websites – so there’s no way Alf could have been set up. Alf comes out of the court completely deflated – how did the man who was responsible for this, end up testifying against him?! There is a small glimmer of hope when Morag uncovers that Richard was accused for hacking but never arrested. Morag tries to use this accusation against him in court but Judge Gilroy objects! Morag ignores the objections and continues to feed the facts – hoping the evidence is officially on record.

Ric has gone for a walk to cool of and he comes face-to-face with Josh. His anger gets the better of him and he accuses Josh of being behind the whole set up. Ric takes a swipe but Josh is quick to warn him to be careful of who makes enemy with. Ric backs off, realising it won’t help Alf.

Day two of the trial and Josh is on the stand. He arrogantly denies any involvement – where’s the proof? Josh plays his innocence and drives the final nail in the coffin when he ‘lets slip’ that he was hassled by Ric. Alf is left feeling helpless – how can he possibly win now? Everyone waits anxiously. The Judge delivers her verdict…Alf Stewart is guilty! There is outrage in the court as Alf is sentenced to 9 months in jail. Alf is dragged off yelling and screaming but not without the threat that he is going to get that ‘Mongrel Josh West!’

Rachel is approached by Geoff, the new CEO of the hospital, who delivers the news she has been nominated for a prestigious medical award. Rachel reacts with a shocked smile when she learns Dr Helpman is responsible for her nomination. In order to win, she must prepare a lecture and Helpman is quick to offer his assistance. She is not thrilled by the idea of spending time alone with Helpman, but suggests he come to her place, comforted by the thought that Leah will be home to share his company.

Rachel arrives home and calls out to Leah – but there is no answer. Rachel discovers a letter from Leah saying she has gone to her mother’s for the night – uh-oh…..Rachel’s plan has backfired! Helpman arrives and is more than happy when he discovers her flatmate isn’t home. Rachel hates to think what is going through his mind and is clearly dreading spending time alone with this man.

Rachel finds an excuse to cut the night short but is genuinely thankful for his help – but Helpman makes it clear he is more interested in other ways of ‘thanks’ and leans in and kisses Rachel on her forehead. Rachel pulls away shocked and feeling dreadful – how did that just happen?