Episode 4114

Australian Air Date: 2nd February 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Aarne Neeme

Jack is horrified when Martha gets sucked in to The Believers’ spell. Amanda and Josh race the clock to prevent Robbie from exposing their secret.

Extended Summary

Robbie rips in to Amanda for cheating on his grandfather. Amanda and Josh are going to have to do some serious back-pedalling to get out of this one! Robbie is furious and believes that everyone was right about Amanda only going after Graham’s money. Amanda insists he has got it all wrong – Josh was in fact trying to put the heavy on her but Robbie walked in before she the chance to push Josh off her. Robbie isn’t buying a word but then Josh backs up the story and Amanda questions why Robbie would want to hurt Graham with this “misunderstanding”.

Robbie is confused what to believe and decides to talk it over with Graham. Meanwhile, Amanda races home and is doting on Graham…everything is on the line now! Robbie is caught off guard when he arrives and sees how happy Graham is with Amanda. Will Robbie reveal all? Amanda reiterates that she loves Graham – it has never been about the money, and to prove it, Amanda suggests she and Graham get a post-nuptial agreement. Robbie is pleased – believing now it really must have just been a misunderstanding. Oh no, how is Amanda is going to get herself out of this one?!

Josh is stunned by Amanda’s news she is getting a post-nuptial agreement. Amanda is quick to point out that she will just have to spend all of Graham’s money before she leaves him – if he has no money left then the post nup isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. They agree they must be much more careful about their affair

Tasha has been missing her friends from the Bay. Jonah tries to cheer her up and as they are getting playful, Martha and Irene arrive. Both are surprised that Jonah and Tasha are together – but bite their tongues as they don’t want to get on the wrong foot. Tasha is wary – if they are trying to convince her to come home, then they need not bother! Irene insists she is just there to chat to Tasha and make sure she is ok. Jonah is at his most persuasive as he shows Martha and Irene around The Farm. He seems so caring and genuine – maybe they were mistaken.

Jack is surprised by Martha’s change of attitude and begins to fear that she too, is being influenced by The Believers. Martha recognises one of the Believer people called Guy at the bar, who informs her they are having a special ceremony at The Farm and insists she come along. Martha agrees but on their way out, they come face to face with Jack who warns Martha not go. She bites back, accusing Jack of being too controlling. Tempers are flaring when Believer Guy steps in to break up the argument and leads Martha out. Jack is left wondering what the hell has gotten in to her?

Tasha is pleased to have Martha at The Farm. Martha admits she was silly to believe the accusations against the Believers. Jonah is still wary of Martha – her acceptance of the Believers is all a bit sudden for his liking. As the girls prepare for the ceremony, there’s a rustle at the tent….and Jack appears. Jack is adamant Martha should come home. Martha has had enough and orders Jack to leave her alone. Another argument erupts and Jack is sent packing by Believer Guy and Jonah. Although initially suspicious, Jonah has seen her reaction to Jack and is now convinced Martha has been won over – she will now be a valuable member of the commune. Uh-oh…what has Martha gotten herself in to?

When the coast is clear, Martha retrieves her mobile from her pocket and dials Jack’s number. She and Jack have set them up and The Believers have taken the bait! But Martha is playing one very dangerous game!

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