Episode 4115

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Aarne Neeme

Martha uncovers The Believers’ evil secret. Mumma Rose uses drastic measures to fulfill her plan for Tasha. Jonah feels terrible for being forced to put pressure on Tasha. Ric is shocked by the truth about the mystery figure.

Extended Summary

Mumma Rose is sceptical as Jonah tries to convince her that Martha is not a threat – she has been won over by The Believers. Mumma Rose tells Jonah to hurry up his seduction of Tasha – she wants her pregnant as soon as possible, otherwise she will have to resort to desperate measures. From a distance, Martha witnesses the tense exchange – although she can’t hear the conversation, she is very curious as too what they could be arguing about. Martha subtly digs for info on Mumma Rose, but Jonah talks of the wonderful woman she is…so calm and never loses her temper. Martha knows this is a lie and her suspicions increase.

Jonah is trying to push things with Tasha, but as they start to get hot and heavy, Tasha pulls away feeling uncomfortable – it’s all happening too quickly. Jonah feels terrible for being forced to put this pressure on Tasha.

The girls head out to the bush to collect some firewood – and at first Martha thinks she is mistaken when she hears the faint sound of someone crying in the distance. Tasha heads back to camp, leaving Martha alone and even more curious when she hears the noise again. Making sure the coast is clear, Martha investigates and is shocked to discover a secret trapdoor. Martha starts clearing the leaves away but is pulled up short by Mumma Rose behind her. Busted! Martha tries to cover, insisting she lost her way, but Mumma Rose eyes her suspiciously – has she just uncovered The Believers evil secret? As they move away…the faint sobbing plea for help can be heard from behind the trap door – who are The Believers keeping captive?

Mumma Rose questions Jonah on his progress with Tasha. Jonah insists he needs more time. Mumma Roses decides it’s time for extreme measures and taking a small bottle from her pocket…empties some liquid into Tasha’s cup of tea – just as Tasha enters. Oh no – what danger is Tasha facing?

Ric receives a hand-written note from the “mystery” person requesting he meet them outside. Alone. He waits anxiously for someone to show and eventually the POV of the “mystery” person moves closer to Ric. Luc and Matilda are walking through the bush when they notice Ric calling out to someone – what is he up to? Suddenly the figure darts away and Ric is left feeling utterly frustrated – he came so close to solving the mystery.

Ric spots the “mystery” person and gives chase. Finally he catches up and is stunned to discover that this “mystery” person is in fact a girl! Belle explains she is not hiding from someone, but instead trying to find her mother after recently finding out she is adopted. One day she found some letters detailing her mother lived in Summer Bay. Ric is supportive and suggests she go home with him – Sally and Flynn wouldn’t mind. Belle is desperate to keep her whereabouts a secret. Ric sympathises – he knows what it’s like to be living the way she is and agrees to bring her food each day. Belle is thankful. A shared smile cements the beginnings of a new friendship…

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