Episode 4113

Australian Air Date: 1st February 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Aarne Neeme

A tragic accident leaves Leah and her baby fighting for survival. Robbie discovers the truth about Josh and Amanda’s affair.

Extended Summary

Kim goes after Rachel wanting an explanation…but both are alarmed when they spot a figure in trouble out at sea. They race into the water, swimming frantically and are horrified to discover the person in trouble is Leah. Back on shore, they desperately begin to resuscitate Leah – their fear growing by the second as their efforts to revive her are failing. Colleen is stunned when she stumbles across the scene and Kim orders her to call an ambulance.

Dan, Alf and Peter are alarmed as Colleen races in to the Surf Club and alerts them to the accident. Dan and Peter race to the beach and watch on helplessly as Kim and Rachel continue to revive Leah. Suddenly, she comes to life coughing and spluttering…everyone’s relief is palpable.

Leah lies safely in hospital – but fears the accident may have affected the baby. Dan takes her hand, offering all his love and support. A moment of realisation from Leah that she and Dan are meant to be together. But unseen by the couple is Peter, who watches on sadly – wishing he was the man for Leah. Dr Green returns with the test results and confirms Dan’s and Leah’s worst fears – their baby may have brain damage.

Robbie is still saddened by his break-up with Tasha – how can he get her to come home? Morag offers the suggestion to change his tactics – instead of trying to get Tasha to leave the cult – maybe he should try to get rid of the cult altogether. After all, they haven’t got proper sewage systems, no permit to keep livestock and pollute the river – who best to forward a complaint to than the town mayor. But Robbie’s renewed energy turns to frustration when Josh lacks all interest in the cult – Josh says he is far too busy for things like this. Robbie makes a deal – he will provide his services to help Josh with small jobs he has no time for, in place for Josh’s help to bring down the cult. Josh agrees. Has Robbie just made a pact with the devil?

Robbie decides to visit Josh at the Council Chambers to talk business…but it seems Josh is already “busy” with Amanda…things are getting hot and heavy between the two as Robbie approaches the door…uh-oh…

…Robbie opens the door and is shocked by the sight of Amanda and Josh getting it on in front of him. Like two rabbits caught in the headlight…Amanda and Josh’s secret affair has just been “exposed”!

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