Episode 4112

Australian Air Date: 31st January 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Aarne Neeme

Leah is consumed by guilt in the wake of her adulterous kiss with Peter. Kim and Rachel’s illicit attraction continues.

Extended Summary

Leah is guilt-ridden following her kiss with Peter. Leah confides in Sally, who reacts with shock but is understanding towards Leah’s state of confusion. When Leah returns home and finds Peter standing by with his bags packed, there is immediate awkwardness – which is broken by the arrival of Dan and Ryan. Dan has to leave again in a hurry but Ryan clocks Peter’s bags – an idea formulating.

Frustrations rise when Leah and Peter discover Ryan has mischievously handcuffed himself to the oven door in a bid to prevent his Uncle Peter from leaving. The search is on for the key…but Peter and Leah are very aware of the awkwardness of being in the house alone. Finally, Ryan is freed but the urst between Leah and Peter becomes unbearable and Leah races from the house.

Leah walks along the rocks, a million thoughts race through her mind. As she starts to move away from the edge, Leah loses her footing and slips off the rocks, in to the ocean. Leah helplessly struggles to keep her head above water as she is overcome by the waves…

Ric is even more mystified when he discovers a second note slipped under the back door. It is a request from the “mystery” person to return their backpack. Ric ventures out to the bush and leaves the backpack with his own note inside it, reassuring the owner that he wants to help them and not to be scared.

Meanwhile, Sally has noticed the missing food items and questions Cassie. Cassie realises there’s no getting out of this – it’s time to reveal all, despite her promise to Ric not to involve Sally and Flynn in the mystery. Sally is alarmed that someone broke in to their house and insists they call the police.

Ric is annoyed with Cassie for spilling the beans and reluctantly shows Harper to the sight where he spotted the “mystery” person. Ric clocks the bag has disappeared from where he placed it earlier but decides to cover. He convinces Harper whoever this person may be, is probably long gone…but from a distance, that person in question watches as Ric leads the police away. Maybe he can be trusted after all?

Kim is preparing for the re-opening of the Gym and wonders who the new owner is. Alf and Hyde are pleased with Kim’s efforts, especially after what he’s been through lately. Rachel enters the Gym and is instantly awkward when she spots Kim. He is confused by her awkwardness and wonders what it is he has done to make her so act this way towards him. Rachel is battling with her own developing feelings for Kim and struggles with the unethical issue of falling for her patient.

Rachel turns to Leah for advice and during the conversation realises herself that it would be the biggest mistake a doctor can make – it could ruin her career. Rachel makes the professional decision not to play with fire and insists Kim find a new counsellor. None the wiser to Rachel’s reason for this, Kim is left utterly frustrated by his complete lack of luck with women.