Episode 4041

Australian Air Date: 5th September 2005
UK Air Date: 20th February 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Emotions erupt as the tensions between Amanda and Beth come to a head. Kim stuns Hayley with a shock marriage proposal. Martha and Jack give in to their desires.

Extended Summary

Jack and Martha walk down the beach, hand in hand, smiling and obviously smitten with each other. Martha admits that if she’d just been honest about how she felt, his hearing wouldn’t be at risk now. She really is so sorry. Jack’s also sorry for being so hard on her, but now that all the games are past, he wants to make it official and have dinner with her that evening.

Kim pulls out the ring and shows Irene, explaining he’s planning to propose to Hayley. Irene’s surprised – is he sure about that? Meanwhile, Beth marches up to Robbie and Tasha’s apartment and knocks. Inside the apartment, Amanda hurries out of the bedroom in her undies. Beth’s stunned to see Amanda wearing virtually nothing. After all, she’s Robbie and Tasha’s teacher! Later, Hyde comes in and Beth tells him her concerns. Surely it’s not allowed? Hyde points out that unless there’s an official complaint, there’s nothing he can do… but he does have a quiet word with Amanda, who is infuriated by Beth’s interference.

Jack opens the door to Martha and leads her inside to reveal… The lounge dimly lit with candles on a table set for two. The sexual tension builds, as Martha flirtatiously sips on her glass of wine, secretly impressed by Jack’s culinary skills.

Kim brings Hayley home from hospital. After a special treat of pizza, Kim scoops some ice cream into two dishes, hiding the engagement ring in Hayley’s bowl. Full up, Hayley swaps her bowl for Kim’s smaller one – without him seeing…

After dinner, Martha and Jack look out over the water. Martha shivers and Jack places his jacket around her shoulders and she melts into his arms, as his lips gently start to caress her neck. She turns around and their eyes meet. The passion between them is intense, but as their lips draw closer… a downpour of rain breaks the moment! Laughing and dripping wet, they arrive back at the house, breathless from their race. The gaze in to each other’s eyes before desire takes over and they passionately kiss…

As Hayley nears the end of her ice cream, Kim starts to get worried that she hasn’t found the ring yet (Kim has barely touched his bowl). Hayley stops (only a few spoonfuls left in her bowl) and says she can’t eat any more. Kim insists she finish it all, but Hayley can’t do it. Hayley stands and moves to the kitchen with Kim’s bowl. While Kim madly searches through the remains of Hayley’s dessert to locate the ring, Hayley puts Kim’s desert down the sink (ring included). Hayley makes some comment about having swapped the bowls! Oh no!

Amanda storms into the Surf Club and accuses Beth of trying to make things difficult for her with Hyde. Beth admits she doesn’t think Amanda should be living with Robbie and Tasha, but Amanda knows it’s more than that. She tells Beth if that’s the sort of underhanded games she wants to play, she’s taken on the wrong person! Kit tries to defend Beth, but it’s clear this isn’t over!

Kim’s under the sink, desperately unscrewing the pipes, as Hayley wonders what’s going on?! Finally, Kim pulls the pipes clear and the ring rolls out onto the floor. Hayley reaches down and picks it up, stunned! She looks at Kim, who grins – it’s not exactly the way he planned it, but will she marry him? Hayley is shocked…

Guest Cast



Kim Hyde proposes to Hayley Lawson.

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