Episode 4042

Australian Air Date: 6th September 2005
UK Air Date: 21st February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Amanda goes to desperate lengths to protect her secret. Scott struggles to come to terms with the news of Hayley and Kim’s engagement.

Extended Summary

Hayley is silent, shocked after Kim’s proposal. Kim reassures her of his motives and Hayley smiles brightly – yes, I‘ll marry you! Happiness overflowing, they kiss to seal the moment.

Amanda reveals to Scott that she’s had another run in with Beth– and that Kit also had a go at her! Scott’s not surprised at Kit’s outburst explaining that her temper was worse when she drank. Amanda takes this comment in with interest – Kit used to be an alcoholic? Once he’s gone, Amanda stops crying – and starts smiling… Scott storms into the Surf Club, and marches straight over to Beth and Kit, spilling anger at both of them.

Cuddled-up with Kim, Hayley admires the way her ring looks on her finger. Kim asks if she’s up for an engagement party. Hayley’s unsure at first, worried about what people will think, but Kim reassures her. Hayley’s thoughtful and when Irene arrives home, she announces the engagement to her – an implicit action to show Kim she’s ready to tell the world! Next morning, Scott and Amanda cross with Kim, who immediately becomes awkward. Scott wonders what’s up and Kim tells him about the engagement. Scott tries to cover his shock and congratulates Kim, but Amanda has clocked his reaction. Meanwhile, Irene asks Hayley she is sure that this is what she wants? Hayley smiles – the bottom line is that Kim makes her happy; with him she feels safe and loved. They share a hug, Irene pleased that Hayley’s so happy…

Hayley answers the door, and is a little taken aback to see Scott standing there. The awkwardness of it all is obvious. Scott tells her that he came over because he wanted to congratulate her personally; he’s genuinely pleased for her. Scott pulls Hayley into a friendly hug, but his face betrays his pain. Likewise, Hayley’s eyes also betray the emotions she’s trying to conceal – the sadness and loss of the life they could have shared together, now gone forever…

Colleen arrives at the Surf Club with Amanda (it’s icy between Beth, Kit and Amanda). Alf hands them their drinks and sandwiches and they move to a table, to discuss the play. But their discussion is interrupted by a loud shriek! Colleen’s found a cockroach in her sandwich. Alf tries to settle her down, leaving Beth suspicious. She tells Kit she checked all the food this morning. There was no cockroach in Colleen’s sandwich – until Amanda came in! Later at the flat, Ryan rushes out with his bug catcher, demanding to know if Amanda has seen ‘cocky’ – his pet cockroach! With a sneaky smile, Amanda says he must have run away…

The health department has been notified and Beth isn’t happy. At the engagement party, she looks across to Amanda, unimpressed… Kit wants to say something but Beth asks her not to cause a scene. Kim crosses with Scott and tells him that he’s really pleased they’re able to be friends. Scott agrees – it hasn’t always been easy but he’s glad it’s all in the past now… But is it?

Worried that Kit knows something about her secret phone calls, Amanda tries to win her over – but Kit’s not interested. Amanda moves to call her mystery man and tell him someone has found his number. She’s told to ‘do something about it. Or else…’ Visibly shaken by this threat, Amanda looks across at Kit and gets an idea… She waits until Kit moves, leaving her drink behind – and after checking if the coast is clear Amanda spikes Kit’s drink with vodka!

Guest Cast


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