Episode 4043

Australian Air Date: 7th September 2005
UK Air Date: 22nd February 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Amanda’s devious act sends Kit’s life spiralling out of control. Leah’s left heartbroken by some devastating news.

Extended Summary

Amanda watches Kit discreetly as she sips her drink and tastes the alcohol. Kit’s a little taken aback and puts it aside, leaving Amanda frustrated… To further her plan, she plays the victim to Scott yet again, saying that Kit has just had another go at her. Angry, Scott retaliates at Kit, leaving her devastated enough to down the ‘spiked’ drink. Watching discreetly, Amanda smiles… Then, when Kim gives a speech about Hayley, saying how she’s changed his life and how every girl in his past pales in comparison, Kit’s devastated. She picks up the bottle of vodka and slips out un-noticed. Later, Beth finds her drunk on the beach. Kit pathetically apologises, but Beth shakes her head, disappointed.

The diner isn’t open yet. Dan looks up from his watch just as Leah comes out of the ladies, but the look on her face tells him immediately that the pregnancy test she just did was negative. Meanwhile, Hung-over and ashamed, Kit explains to Beth and Irene that someone spiked her drink. Then Irene suddenly remembers – Amanda turned up with a bottle of Vodka. As soon as she says this, Beth and Kit swap a look, suspicious. Beth goes to the flat to accuse Amanda of spiking Kit’s drink. Outraged, Amanda looks to Scott for support, but Scott hesitates in his defence, before he tells Beth to back off! Is he starting to doubt Amanda?

Scott apologises to Kit; he didn’t mean to turn her to the bottle. Kit tells Scott – she might not trust Amanda but they’ll get no more grief from her. Meanwhile, Hayley and Kim look through the paper for a new place to live. Irene sees what they’re doing and makes it clear she wants them to stay with her. Meanwhile, Sally sees Leah double over in pain in the kitchen. Leah shrugs it off – she’s not the first woman to get cramps – but they have been getting very intense the last couple of months. Sally insists she takes Leah to the hospital to see Dr Free.

Amanda arrives under the pretence of looking for Scott. She tells him that she knows things have been hard with his family and she hopes he thinks she’s worth all this hassle. Scott is touched and he kisses Amanda, but as he heads off to the toilet, Amanda plants a small flask of alcohol in Kit’s bag. Beth finds it and confronts Kit. Kit’s denies the flask is hers, claiming that last night was the only drink she’s had in ages. Kit begs for her mother to believe her, but Beth can’t. She’s seen Kit fall off the wagon and lie about it too many times in the past.

Leah is lying down as Dr Free examines her abdomen; Leah grimaces, the pain is bad. Dr. Free says that she’d like Leah to undergo an internal examination. She says it’s just procedure and probably nothing to worry about. She goes to prep the surgery, leaving Leah and Dan shaken.

Beth expresses her disappointment and sadness that Kit is drinking again. She feels foolish that she didn’t see it earlier but Scott reminds her how clever alcoholics can be hiding their problem. Amanda comes in and Beth calls her over to apologise for accusing her of spiking Kit’s drink. Scott is also sorry for doubting her. Amanda pretends to reluctantly forgive both of them. Pleased with herself, Amanda calls her mystery guy and says she’s managed to get the girl to back off, she won’t be bothering us again…’. Meanwhile, Kit, still upset after her argument with Beth and Scott, throws her bags in the car and speeds away…

Leah lies in bed recovering from the procedure, Dan is by her side. Flynn comes in and reveals that Leah’s fallopian tubes are severely damaged. Regretfully, this means Leah can no longer have children naturally. Dan and Leah are shocked – this was the last thing they were expecting!

Guest Cast


Seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #4032. Checked up on Leah following her mysterious stomach cramps.