Episode 4040

Australian Air Date: 2nd September 2005
UK Air Date: 17th February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Catherine Roden

Dan confronts Amanda with the truth about her deception. But what shocking secret is she continuing to hide? Martha’s attempt to make amends with Jack takes a surprising – and passionate – twist.

Extended Summary

Amanda admits to Dan that her agent ripped her off and she’s broke. That’s why she had to come home and get a job. Dan pulls $200 bucks out of his wallet – it’s all he’s got and he wants her to take it, insisting that she can’t live in her car. Unseen by Dan and Amanda, Scott has witnessed the whole exchange. Dan moves off and Scott approaches Amanda and asks her what’s going on? She confides in him and he assures her everything will be okay – he’ll take care of that…

Jack deletes a couple of phone messages from Martha. In the Diner, Martha’s feeling down and dejected. Alf reckons she should go and speak to Jack in person, sometimes things are easier face to face. Nervously, she approaches the Holden house. She’s bought Jack a small wrapped gift, but Jack doesn’t open it. He is calm and cool and tells her that he blames himself for encouraging her – after all, she made it very clear how much she disliked him from the start. Martha is left, crushed and miserable, staring at her forlorn little present rejected on the table.

Tony gives Jack a good talking to – that girl didn’t just come here to apologise because she’s feeling guilty, she came here because she cares about you a great deal. Tony tells him that he found Martha crying her eyes out because she just wants things to go back to the way they were before all this trouble. Jack’s not sure what to believe but Tony cautions him not to cut off his nose just to spite his face – especially as Tony knows just how much Jack likes her as well. Tony heads off and Jack stares down at Martha’s gift… He opens it – it’s the eight ball, or whatever – he holds it in his hand and just stares at it…

Martha’s sitting by herself – staring out to sea – as Jack comes up to her. It’s the last person Martha is expecting to see. It’s all very tentative as Jack apologises for being so hard on her in the house. Martha says he shouldn’t be the one apologising. She is so, so sorry about her prank backfiring… He accepts her apology – and for a beat, Martha is hopeful that things are squared between them – but Jack makes it clear that it still doesn’t change anything between them. He could lose everything because of her prank. Jack heads off, leaving Martha disappointed – has she lost him for good?

Beth sees Amanda and the suitcases, and wonders what’s going on? Scott explains that he’s invited Amanda to stay for a few days. But Beth is not impressed, and says she’s not moving in here… Scott makes himself clear – if Beth is going to treat someone he cares about in such a way, then he doesn’t want to stick around either. He heads for the door, leaving Beth reeling.

Martha lugs a carton of beer over to Jack’s as a bribe. He thaws a little at Martha’s refusal to give up on him. Martha knows she can’t change what happened, but if there’s anything she can do to? CUT TO: Jack walks Martha to the edge of a cliff. Martha understands what he wants immediately – her to jump! But she hates heights! Jack smiles – that’s the point! Martha stands back from the edge, fearful. Jack tries to let her off the hook, but Martha refuses to back down. She runs towards the edge, about to hurl herself off the cliff when Jack grabs her at the last minute. Their eyes lock and, after a long beat, they end up kissing passionately!

Scott explains to Amanda that Rob and Tasha are looking to for a housemate, it’s perfect for you? Amanda hopes they won’t feel weird about living with their teacher, but Scott insists. He moves away, as her mobile phone beeps. She pulls it out and reads a text – “I got the but I want the rest – soon. P.S. – say hi to my friends in Summer Bay for me…” Who is Amanda paying off?


Amanda Vale receives a text message from her secret financier, asking her to “say hello to my friends in Summer Bay”. This is later revealed to be Josh West.

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