Episode 4039

Australian Air Date: 1st September 2005
UK Air Date: 16th February 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Catherine Roden

Kim viciously accuses Kit of trying to sabotage his newfound happiness. As Amanda’s life spirals further out of control, Leah discovers her deception.

Extended Summary

Leah is furious that Amanda is still in her house – and more so that she and Scott were getting it on, on her couch! She wants Amanda out – now!

Hayley’s told Sally about her encounter with Kit – and explains her feelings for both men. She still loves Scott and if circumstances were different, they’d be together – but that’s never going to happen. She also genuinely loves Kim, and although it might not be the same great passion, it’s no lesser love – he makes her happy and she knows this is right. Meanwhile, Kit’s told Kim everything she suspects – she’s sorry, but he had a right to know before he proposed! Kim’s struggling to process it all, stunned that Hayley told Kit this…but Kit clarifies, Hayley didn’t admit anything – in fact, she insisted it was untrue. Kim can’t believe what he’s hearing and wonders why Kit’s doing this? Is she jealous? Confused, he goes to Hayley and she reassures him of her love, leaving Kim increasingly angry towards Kit for trying to put doubt in his mind.

Amanda’s phone rings and she recognises the caller ID. She answers the phone, cold and abrupt – what does he want? She listens, then says she told him she’d needed a little time to settle in to the Bay before she was able to get her hands on so much cash. All she has is $2000 – and she’s going to need that as she’s got nowhere to stay… But the person at the other end is clearly demanding their money – and making some threat. Amanda hurries to calm the person – no, don’t do that – I’ll get this money sent you this afternoon. That night, Amanda sleeps in her car with her jacket over her. She has no money, no friends, and no where to go…

Kim rips into Kit. He can’t believe Kit is trying to ruin his happiness because she’s jealous. He reckons Kit should have saved everyone the grief and stayed in Europe! He’s quite scathing and harsh – and Kit is left devastated. When Kit arrives home, she finally breaks down. It’s a release of emotions – of humiliation, at coming back for Kim like an idiot; of sadness, at losing Kim; of anger, at being treated like that… She feels like a loser, is really down on herself. Then she sees a bottle of alcohol in the kitchen and she’s clearly torn. Will she give in to temptation?

Kim’s filled Hayley in on his fight with Kit. He’s feeling bad but he doesn’t want anything coming between them – he loves Hayley so much. Hayley loves him too, saying it’s the two of them forever now. Kim takes all this in, more confident than ever about proposing… Meanwhile, Robbie arrives to see the bottle of alcohol sitting on the table in front of Kit, an empty glass nearby. Kit reveals she hasn’t had a drink – she was so tempted, but she couldn’t go back there. Her voice cracks with emotion as she sobs to Robbie – why can’t things ever work out for her?

Leah returns home from the bank and reveals to Dan that she just went to the bank and deposited a $1500 cheque into Ryan’s account – and was told that after that deposit, the balance for Ryan’s account was only $1500. Dan doesn’t understand – there should be at least $3000 in there… where could it have gone? Leah shoots Dan a knowing look – could Amanda have taken it?

Amanda is kneeling in the backseat of her car, trying to find an outfit that’s not crumpled from her suitcases when there’s a voice behind her: the rooms are a lot nicer at The Sands. Amanda spins around to see Dan. She tries to cover, but Dan tells her to stop the games – he knows she’s broke… and he also knows she stole money from her own son. What the hell is going on? On Amanda – caught!

Guest Cast


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