Episode 4038

Australian Air Date: 31st August 2005
UK Air Date: 15th February 2006
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Catherine Roden

Kit’s return is marred by heartbreak, as she makes a shocking discovery. Amanda’s deception continues in her desperate struggle for cash. Kim makes plans to propose to Hayley.

Extended Summary

Tasha and Robbie are helping Beth set the table, when they turn to see Kit standing there, looking trim, vivacious and fantastic! They rush to her for excited reunions. Kit reveals she’s made quite a few changes and now she knows what she wants – Kim – if he’ll still have her. There’s awkwardness from the others as they swap looks. Kit immediately makes the guess. She’s disappointed but can’t say she’s surprised and wonders who the lucky lady is? Meanwhile, Kim emerges from his room with a small bag. He opens it, pulling out a small jewelry box, inside which is a ring… An engagement ring to be precise! Is he about to propose to Hayley?

Dan tells Amanda that Leah’s due back the day after tomorrow and she’ll blow her lid if Amanda’s still at the house. Amanda assures him she’s found a flat. However, when she calls the real estate her cheque has bounced and she’s lost it. She asks Hyde for an advance but he can’t help her. Meanwhile, Colleen, laden with play props, heads off and Amanda spots a cloth bag she’s left behind. Amanda looks inside the bag and is stunned to see a huge roll of cash! Hyde takes it from her, explaining that the school donated $2000 to help put on the play. It’s a good thing Amanda picked the bag up – anyone could have stolen it!

Kim walks along the grassy knoll when he spots Tasha and Robbie with Kit! It’s awkward seeing each other for the first time, but Kit breaks the silence, congratulating him about Hayley and the baby – she says she’s happy for him, but once he moves off, we see how hard that was for her. Later, Kim fills Hayley in on Kit’s return. Hayley wonders how Kim’s feeling given where they left things when Kit went to Europe. Kim says it’s ancient history and he’s totally focused on Hayley.

Everyone looks a little shell-shocked at the meeting for the play as Colleen has hardly let them get a word in edgewise. Amanda talks the play up and Colleen laps up the praise – telling Amanda she’s so pleased to have her involved! When the meeting comes to a close, Amanda spots Colleen’s crate sitting unattended with the bag of money lying on the top.

Kit and Hayley have been catching up. Hayley’s pleased Kit had such a good time – and it obviously did wonders, she looks great. There’s a brief mention of Noah, and Hayley says – life goes on, she really loves Scott and is totally happy! Kit pulls up – Scott? Hayley realises she misspoke and she tries to backtrack, flustered. But Kit watches Hayley and knows there’s more to it. Later, Kit walks along the grassy knoll, thoughtful. Scott crosses with her and she asks general questions about him and Hayley. Scott explains if the baby was his, they’d still be together.

Robbie and Tasha are pinning a notice up for a flat mate, when distraught Colleen enters – she can’t believe it, but the money has gone missing! Outside, Amanda opens her handbag and pulls out the two thousand dollars cash. She’s not proud of herself – but she felt she had no choice…

Kim pulls out the engagement ring and explains to Kit that he’s going to ask Hayley to marry him. Stunned, Kit blurts out that he can’t! Taken aback, Kim asks her why not and Kit tries to explain…

Things are starting to get hot and heavy between Scott and Amanda, when the door swings open and Leah walks in! Shocked faces all around as Leah has sprung Scott and Amanda getting it on – in her house!

Guest Cast


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