Episode 4023

Australian Air Date: 10th August 2005
UK Air Date: 25th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Jack fights for his reputation as he and his family battle a town divided. Kim confronts Hyde in the wake of his astounding discovery.

Extended Summary

As Kim storms out of the prison, he can’t get his head around why Hyde didn’t tell him about Jonathon. Hayley thinks there must be a reasonable explanation. Kim hopes so – for Hyde’s sake…

Kim does his best to keep his cool as he tells Hyde that he’s just met Tom Anderson. Is Hyde’s reluctance to talk because he was humiliated by the affair? Hyde says of course that wasn’t easy for him – but he’s not hiding anything! Kim’s not so sure – what about Jonathan? Hyde starts to get defensive – I told you last week, I don’t know any Jonathan! Kim snaps, pulling out the photograph of the two kids and throwing it down in front of Hyde. You’re telling me that you don’t even know your own son?! Hyde stares at the photo, guiltily.

The surf club is divided about Jack. Disappointed by the mixed reaction, Scott is about to set the record straight about the shooting, when Harry Chalmers (the girl’s father) comes in claiming that if Jack Holden wasn’t so trigger happy, his daughter would still be here today. Harry gets people fired up, announcing that the radio station has organised a meeting for tonight so everyone in the town can have the chance to know what kind of a man Jack is!

Hyde musters the strength to tell Kim how Jonathan drowned in the bath. Hyde starts to get emotional but Kim wants to know why he didn’t tell him. Hyde explains how painful it was. Kim appreciates that, but this was his brother… What else is he not telling Kim? Hyde refuses to answer Kim’s questions and they end up in a huge argument. Kim goes to Morag to ask for help in the search for his mother. Morag says it’s not going to be easy, but she’ll do what she can. As she is leaving, Hyde grabs her by the arm. He wants her to forget about the search or… ‘Or what? Morag sternly tells him that she doesn’t respond well to being threatened and unless Hyde can give a valid reason why she shouldn’t help Kim, she intends to do everything she can for him. Hyde shakes his head, warning Morag she doesn’t know what she’s getting herself in to!

The community is starting to gather for the meeting when Beth and the Holdens arrive – totally oblivious to what’s going on. Despite the best attempts of Tony, Alf, Scott and Beth to call for calm amongst the vocal townsfolk, Jack is clearly affected by what is being said, especially when Harry starts to goad him about killing his daughter. Alf’s had enough and gets up and gets the attention of the room, telling people they should be flamin’ well ashamed of themselves – shouting a bloke down before he’s even had a chance to defend himself! Tony goes to the front of the room and presents the case for his son… Clearly making an impact as our people offer their support to the Holdens – as far as they’re concerned, they’re very welcome additions to the community. Harry interrupts, saying it’s a travesty that Jack took his daughter’s life and now has got off scott-free. Jack steps in, calmly and openly telling Harry that despite what he thinks, there’s not a day that passes when he doesn’t regret what happened… For the first time, Harry understands the guilt and burden that this has been for Jack – and at the end of his speech, Harry says nothing and leaves.

Fired up by the news that Hyde tried to warn off Morag, Kim breaks into Hyde’s office and begins searching the cabinets and drawers. Kim finds an old box stashed away at the back. Underneath the documents inside, Kim finds a journal with Kerry’s name on it. He shoves it down his pants and is about to leave when he hears Hyde’s voice outside. Kim ducks down – but will Hyde find him?

Guest Cast


Eighth appearance, last seen in Episode #3906. Attended the town meeting to discuss the Holden’s presence in the Bay.

Father of the teenage girl (Emily) who Jack shot dead in his first few weeks as a policeman. Tracked the Holdens down to Summer Bay in a vendetta to make Jack pay.

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