Episode 4024

Australian Air Date: 11th August 2005
UK Air Date: 26th January 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Hyde continues to insidiously thwart Kim’s attempts to find his mother as his son gets closer to the truth. Cassie and Ric wage war at the play rehearsals – with unexpected consequences.

Extended Summary

Hyde’s in his office picking up files. Unbeknownst to him, Kim hides under the desk. Encumbered by his leg cast, he makes a noise. Hyde hears it, turns back and starts moving towards the desk… Tension mounts, until Hyde’s distracted by a call outside and leaves – close call!

There’s a strained politeness between Ric and Cassie – the ground rules are in action. One of them finishes washing up – the other comes in and wipes…but they’re never in the same room together. Colleen bustles in to remind them, the two stars of her play, rehearsals start promptly that morning! Ric and Cassie are less than enthusiastic – the thought of being stuck together is not something they’re looking forward to. Trouble is coming…

When Kim arrives home with the journal, Hayley guesses he stole it and she’s not pleased, but Kim’s not stopping now. He opens it and begins to read… unable to believe the man his mother writes about is Hyde: passionate, funny, affectionate and openly loving – what happened to him? Meanwhile, Hyde returns to his office and discovers what’s missing!

Ric and Cassie cast their eye over Colleen’s script and are horrified to discover that they have to kiss. They start bickering and Colleen steps in – she is the director and she doesn’t care what they think, they will kiss as scripted! Before the read through begins, Cassie tells Ric she thinks it would be best if he dropped out. Ric’s outraged – why doesn’t Cassie drop out instead? Stalemate!

Hyde storms in, sees Kim with the journal and tries to snatch the book but Kim pulls it away. Hyde tells him he had no right to break into his office! Kim argues he had a right to know about his brother – and mother – and Hyde kept that from him! A heated argument ensues but Kim refuses to give back the journal. When Hyde leaves, Kim finds an entry where his mother confesses her marriage is suffering after Jonathan’s death, how Hyde has turned cold and won’t even look her in the eye anymore. Kim turns the page to read on but the next pages have been ripped out.

Hyde calls his liaison and asks if he should tell Kim the truth, but the person on the other end doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Hyde starts looking fondly through the box of stuff at some memories of Kerry… Then, he has a thought. Panicked, he starts looking for something, but it’s gone! Throw to: Kim’s bemused -what’s this? A key to a safety deposit box! Kim calls Australia Post and they give him the name of the security building with the safety deposit box in. Kim grabs his keys, determined to get to the bottom of this once and for all…

As neither will back out, Ric decides to play a trick on Cassie, eating an onion before they have to kiss. Cassie screams – he’s got onion breath! Colleen’s sick of this nonsense, telling Cassie that she kisses him as per script or she’s out! Cassie sees Ric smiling and is determined not to let him win. When rehearsals recommence the scene calls for Ric to drink something. Cassie smiles as Ric picks-up the cup and drinks…then he spits it out, yuck! It’s full of onion! He accuses Cassie of doing it to get back at him and an argument erupts until Colleen’s had enough, saying that as neither of them can take her play seriously they’re both out!

Kim and Hayley approach the safety deposit box and open it with trepidation – only to discover the box empty. Hayley points out that the journal was from years ago, perhaps his mother cleared it before she left… PULL BACK: to reveal Hyde, in a nearby car watching having got to the safety deposit box first! He stares down a yellow envelope with the name ‘Kim’ on it. What’s he hiding?

Guest Cast


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4019. Observed Cassie and Ric’s stand-off over kissing in the play.