Episode 3896

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2005

Romances abound as Valentine’s Day fever sweeps the Bay. Scott decides to tell Hayley how he feels. Kane receives a phone call that could change everything. Colleen’s heartbreaking declaration leaves Tasha stunned. Hayley embarks on a new relationship.

Extended Summary


It’s Valentine’s Day and Robbie has big plans for Tasha now they’re back in love. Little does he know that Tasha has planned her own romantic dinner for the two of them. Scott’s mooching around the house, and has been for days. He can’t get Hayley out of his mind. Kirsty’s out of hospital and the baby is fine.

It’s Hayley’s first day back at work after the plane crash and she and Kim are still feeling awkward around each other. Zoe chats with Hayley at the Diner and twigs that something is wrong – especially when Kim walks in and Hayley barely acknowledges him. Hayley tells Leah the problem is that Noah’s standing in her way. Leah says it was the same for her when she lost Vinnie. Hayley just needs to make the leap and move on. Kane wants to talk with Kirsty about the possibility of him being guilty, but she won’t hear of it. He decides to take the good guy route and destroy Greg’s details. And as if on cue, a phone call comes through from his mate in the city: Gus visited Scott in jail three days ago! Kane will have to visit him. Is this the break they need?

Kim asks Scott for advice about Hayley. Something was starting between them but now he thinks Hayley just wants to be friends. He wants to bridge the awkwardness and get back to being mates. Scott advises him to keep it light and humorous. But as Kim walks away, Scott’s heart is soaring. Is there still a chance for him and Hayley? He bares his soul to Beth and she advises him to tell Hayley everything.

Zoe apologises to Hayley for her faux par earlier at the Diner. She didn’t realise Hayley and Kim had something going. Hayley hurriedly denies it. Zoe reckons it’s a shame – they look great together. Later, as Hayley and Kim work together to set up for a Valentine’s Day function, Zoe blurts out that they’re made for each other. Finally the tension is broken. When Zoe has gone, Hayley tells Kim she is attracted to him, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to make the leap. Kim says he’d like to explore it more, but it’s her call… Dan and Leah are worried about how Colleen’s recovering from the plane crash. Colleen finally opens up to Tasha. She was having nightmares after the crash, but they’ve gone. Now she’s simply realised the truth – it’s Valentine ‘s Day and she’s alone…

Scott finally decides to tell Hayley how he feels. He takes a bunch of flowers with him to the Surf Club only to have Hayley get in before him. She and Kim have decided to start seeing each other. Scott is crushed and deflated.

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