Episode 3897

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2005

Kane comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Scott’s crushed by Hayley’s relationship with Kim. Josie struggles under the weight of her infidelity as wedding preparations continue. Colleen’s on the prowl for a man.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3597. Was visited by Kane in jail, in a desperate bid for his help in the upcoming trial.

Extended Summary

Kane is going to meet his brother (Scott) in prison and he’s full of nerves. At first Scott teases him – won’t reveal a thing. Then he lets out that Gus didn’t say where he was going, but he did mention the robbery. Scott refuses to say anymore unless Morag helps him with his own upcoming appeal. Morag agrees, and for the first time in ages, Kane and Kirsty actually feel positive about their chances.

Hayley and Kim are trying to keep their relationship quiet, but it’s proving quite tough. Finally a goggle-eyed Irene catches them sharing an intimate moment and asks for a ‘please explain’. She gets it and is fully supportive – sees no reason why they wouldn’t come out to the whole world.


Hayley and Kim wonder how everyone will react and are pleasantly surprised by the positive response. A thrilled Leah even invites them out to dinner with her and Dan. The one person not happy…is Scott.

Josie’s been a bit quiet recently and Jesse wonders if she’s having second thoughts. Josie passes it off as tiredness and shock due to the plane crash. But the truth is that Marc is occupying all her thoughts. And when Irene finds an article in the paper lauding Marc as being one of the key rescuers, it only rubs salt into Josie’s wounds. Then Marc reveals he’s a dab hand behind the bar, and much to Josie’s horror, Jesse offers him work! Scott and Alf have a meeting about the Blaxland. It’s in crisis. The boat is making them no money and they have to find out why.

Josie expresses reservations to Jesse about his decision to give Marc work, but Jesse says clearly it’s too late to turn back now. Josie agrees, but her behaviour is starting to concern Jesse. He can’t help but feel that something’s bugging her. When he asks her, Josie admits she finds it awkward around the guy because they used to be in a relationship! She’s trying to move on with her life, and he’s a constant reminder of the past. Jesse’s sorry for making her uncomfortable. He won’t offer Marc any more shifts.

Scott has an idea to rejuvenate interest in the Blaxland – pamphlets. Hayley offers to make them, but when she does she leans in close to him and he reacts strangely, pulling away. She notes it but lets it go. Colleen’s decided it’s time to start looking for a man again. She’s going out to the bowls presentation evening at Stefan’s, hoping to come across an eligible bachelor.

Hayley comes to Scott for advice on Kim. Does he think she’s done the right thing? An uncomfortable Scott advises her to do what makes her happy. But once again he acts like he just wants to get out of there and Hayley questions him about the weird way he’s acting. She noticed it before the plane trip as well. She wants to know what’s going on and she’s not taking no for an answer. Scott is very much on the spot.

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