Episode 3898

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2005
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Jeffrey Walker

Josie turns the tables on Marc when she discovers his shocking secret. Scott is forced to lie to Hayley about his true feelings. Flynn’s drug taking is nearly exposed. Alf and Dalby begin to bond as grandfather and grandson.

Marc’s ex-girlfriend who came to the Bay looking for him. Revealed to Angie his history of blackmail and his affair with a minor.

Extended Summary

Scott comes up with an excuse for why he’s been acting so weird around Hayley: she reminds him of Dani and that makes him feel down. Hayley buys it. She decides to find someone for him to date – who does he fancy? Scott’s dying inside. If only she knew!

Alf and Dalby decide to go fishing together in an effort to bond. Once they get out there, Dalby opens up about how he always felt let down by his Dad; how he never kept any of his promises. Dalby also says he’d like to be known as ‘Ric’ from now on. And then the big one. He thinks it’s time to tell people about their relationship. It’s a special moment between the two.

A woman called Heidi arrives in the Bay and starts looking around for Marc. She seems not to like him, which intrigues Josie.

Flynn and Sally’s little family is finally drama-free and happy. The only blip on the horizon is Flynn’s work habits. Sally’s worried that he’s worked eight days straight. But Flynn says he’s totally on top of it.

Hayley and Zoe seem to becoming friends. The duo is chatting when Zoe mentions she’s on the lookout for a cute guy. Suddenly Hayley has a great idea – a double date between her, Kim, Zoe and Scott! She’s going to set up her friends. Scott reluctantly agrees to it and they all head to a restaurant where Zoe and Scott are all too noticeably uncomfortable around each other. Then when Hayley and Kim concoct an opportunity to let them finish the dinner together – alone – Zoe gets him to admit that he actually is in love with Hayley. It makes no difference, says Scott…Hayley is with Kim. Scott gets home from the dinner even more confused than when he arrived.

Heidi meets up with Marc and it’s clear the two had a stormy past. Heidi demands her money back! They go outside the Surf Club for a heated exchange. Clearly Heidi has something on Marc, but what? Josie witnesses the whole exchange and realises she might finally have something on Marc.

Ric discovers Flynn popping a pill. Flynn covers by saying it’s for a headache.

Josie asks Heidi what the deal is between her and Marc. Heidi reveals Marc was blackmailing her, but she put an end to it when she discovered a dirty secret from Marc’s past. Josie is ecstatic. She heads over to Marc with her new information and tells him she knows he slept with a minor who was only 15! (He thought she was 19). Marc is seething – wondering what Josie wants. Josie watches him squirm as she explains she’s decided to blackmail him right back!

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