Episode 3899

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2005

Marc makes a discovery that will change Josie’s life forever. Matilda and Dalby continue to grow closer. Sally finds Flynn’s pills.

Sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #3844. Joined sides with Henry over taunting a forlorn Ric.
Worker at Noah’s Bar who raised alarm for Josie over Marc’s plans to ‘chat’ to Jesse.
First appearance. Elderly bachelor who took an instant fancy to Colleen following Robbie and Tasha’s internet dating venture.

> Arthur states his surname as being “Gordon” in this episode, however his surname is credited as being “Munroe” throughout his tenure.
> Continuity error – Ric and Warren are now in Henry and Matilda’s class (Yr 10), whilst they were in Robbie & Tasha’s the year before (now Yr 11)

Extended Summary

Josie makes her threat to Marc very clear: get out of town and stay out of her life, or she reveals his sordid little secret. Marc’s on the back foot for the first time. Josie is suddenly back in form and on top of the world, which makes Jesse a very happy man.

It’s Ric’s first day back at school and he’s feeling the nerves. How will he be treated? In other news, he and Alf told Colleen and Madge about being related, and now the whole town knows. Some are stunned, but at least it’s finally out in the open. Henry isn’t making Ric’s return to school easy. He and Wazza have teamed up with the common goal of making Ric’s life a misery. Matilda urges Ric to keep his cool, but he’s finding it hard. He reckons he might as well leave if people are going to treat him like this. Matilda says he can’t run every time something goes wrong in life. Ric is undecided.

Robbie and Tasha want to help Colleen get a man. She didn’t get lucky at the bowls presentation dinner the night before and Tasha feels she owes her (after the help Colleen gave her during the plane crash). They decide put her details on a Lonely Hearts Club on the internet. When they find out she despises such desperate measures, they race home to take the ad off the site, but…too late! A man called Arthur has already answered and is planning to go to the Diner to see Colleen that very afternoon!

Josie’s confidence disappears when she finds out Marc has sought out Jesse to talk in private. She races back to her apartment in time to stop Marc from revealing all. Marc has turned the tables once again. He bribed Heidi to keep her mouth shut and now Josie has no proof about his indiscretion. What’s more, he’s done a bit of digging and knows what happened with Josie in 1989. Josie’s shocked. Clearly it’s a big secret. Marc’s demand is quite simple: more money. Josie has no choice but to hand it over. She tries to slap him, but Marc is too strong for her. When he leaves, she sinks in a chair, shaking in fear. What is the big secret she’s hiding which has caused such a reaction?

Ric takes Matilda’s advice not to cut and run. Could Ric be falling for Matilda? Over at the Hunter house he’s still causing division between Henry and Matilda. Henry reckons she’s a traitor for hanging with Ric, and Matilda thinks Henry’s acting like a moron. Colleen meets Arthur and is horrified. She’s not happy with Robbie and Tasha going behind her back, but it turns out she thinks the man’s a bit of alright, and he’s decided to take her on a date! Robbie and Tasha are relieved to say the least.

Sally finds a pill packet at home, which Ric reckons he saw Flynn using. Sally looks curiously at the pill packet – worried…

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