Episode 3900

Australian Air Date: 18th February 2005

Dalby’s vicious attack on Henry leaves him alone – and angry. Flynn lies to Sally in a bid to keep his addiction secret. Kane feels like an outcast in the Bay. Beth makes a sinister discovery.


> Alf and Morag learn in this episode of Roo’s car accident in New York.
> Peter is seen carrying an envelope on the beach road when he runs into Leah, a short while before Beth discovers the Stalker’s sinister note at the Diner…

Extended Summary

Sally thinks Ric’s a changed man. He’s really making an effort to sort himself out. He’s so polite and eager to make a go of things. She’s pleased to see it, but she can’t help wonder what the good influence on him is. But we know it’s Matilda. Ric opens up to her about his Dad and his family, and Matilda thinks it’s totally sweet. The two of them are coming closer and closer together. Matilda and Henry are at war over Ric. When Beth lauds her daughter for maturity in giving Ric a second chance, Henry turns on her for treachery as well!

Morag has her last briefing with Kane before the trial. She’s calling Irene, Kirsty and Scott Hunter as character witnesses, but she doesn’t want to put Kane up. She doesn’t want the prosecution to have the chance to make him look bad. They’ve already subpoenaed Alf. For Morag it’s clear: Scott Phillips will be their big weapon.

Alf finds out why the Blaxland’s business is down. The word around town is that no-one wants to go out on a charter with people who have a criminal working for them. Kane offers to resign, but Alf won’t hear it. At the Surf Club, Henry finally pushes Ric too far and he snaps, throwing Henry up against the wall. Matilda is unimpressed, leaving Ric to walk Henry home.

Peter gets a call at the Diner from the head of the team investigating the plane crash. Apparently the plane was tampered with! Everyone is shocked. Leah is freaked out by the implication that someone wanted them dead. She feels the needs to get away from it all. Her and Dan decide to go to the city for a while.

Sally questions Flynn about the pill packet and he lies outright. He says he was cleaning out his medical bag and he must have dropped them. What is he up to?


Morag gets a call from Duncan in the US. Roo’s been in an accident and Alf will have to go over there ASAP. Morag will join him after the trial. It means the weekend he and Ric had planned together will have to be postponed. Ric is totally deflated. It’s a backward step for him. He meets up with Matilda and tries to apologise but she wants nothing to do with him. It’s the last straw for Ric. He goes to the Diner and throws a minor tantrum. Irene calls him on it, but Ric says he’s had enough of being good. He tried his best and look where it got him! He’s not going to act the angel anymore.

Later that afternoon at the Diner, Peter reports back to Irene, Sally and Flynn that the plane company has no record of who bought the vouchers for the plane trip. It’s a dead end. Beth comes in with an envelope for Irene which she found outside. Irene reads the contents and her face drops. She hands it to Peter and we see the sinister one liner… “SUMMER BAY WILL PAY…”

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