Episode 3895

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2005

Kirsty’s unborn child is in deadly peril. Kane’s decision stuns everyone. Alf makes a disturbing discovery about Dalby. The secret to Flynn’s new energy is revealed.


> Eric is revealed to be an insulin-dependant diabetic.

Extended Summary

A tearful Kane delivers Kirsty to the hospital. The immediate fear is another miscarriage. Flynn fears they’ll need to operate. Kane blames himself for all the stress he’s put Kirsty under. Kirsty assures him it’s not his fault, before she is wheeled off to meet her fate.

Dalby warns Alf he’s not making any promises and he’s not moving in for good. He’d like to see how things go between them. Alf is fine with that. The two of them take the chance to chat and get to know each other. Dalby’s still close-lipped about some things, but obviously happy to have taken on an extended family. It’s a big moment for Alf.


Sally is amazed that Flynn is still showing no signs of tiredness after being on his feet all day. There’s a loving closeness between them. Alf tells Sally and Flynn about Dalby’s stay being temporary, and wonders if they’re still prepared to take him in. They are. Dalby runs into Matilda at the Surf Club and the two of them hit it off. They even share a competitive game of pool. Dalby worries she’s being nice because she saw him upset on the beach. But she assures him she doesn’t feel sorry for him. Her change of heart is due to an experience she had (with the dead body). It made her realise that not everyone has sinister motives for doing things. This seems to spark something in Dalby.

Kane calls Morag and tells her the incident with Kirsty has brought home the reality – he wants the court case dealt with before the birth. Morag thinks it will be unlikely she can get the case brought forward. But with a few strings pulled and a bit of luck going her way, she fashions a miracle. The case will be in two weeks. Not long to prepare, but Kane doesn’t mind. Judgement day is imminent.

Alf catches Dalby shooting a syringe into his arm at the apartment. He accuses him of doing drugs. Dalby storms out. Alf finds out – too late – it was insulin; Dalby’s a diabetic. Dalby says if Alf doesn’t trust him, he’s going to move. Alf tries to reason, but to no avail. Dalby vents to Matilda, and then realises he’s let too much slip about Alf. He has to tell her the whole story. Matilda helps him see it from Alf’s point of view. She reiterates that Alf’s the only family he’s got. Does he want to give up on that? Dalby faces a big decision. His solution is quite mature. He tells Alf he wants to get to know him, but with space between them. Alf reckons he has the answer. He takes Dalby around to Sally and Flynn’s. Dalby has a new home. When Alf is alone with Sally and Flynn he thanks her for taking the boy in. He reckons she’s taken the first step to becoming the new Pippa!


Later on, Flynn suggests a welcome dinner for Dalby. Sally is amazed at Flynn’s energy after such a long day. Flynn papers it over with a kiss. But when he’s alone he takes a packet of pills out of pocket and pops one. Is this the reason he’s so on top of things..?

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