Episode 3894

Australian Air Date: 10th February 2005

Kane breaks the law in an attempt to clear his name. Dalby struggles to come to terms with Alf’s shocking news. Matilda finds herself softening towards a long-time enemy.


Extended Summary

Dalby storms off to the beach after Alf delivers the news they’re related. Matilda finds him – distraught – and tries to comfort him. Embarrassed, he orders her away and storms on up the beach, leaving Matilda curious and concerned. She announces Dalby’s return to her family, commenting on how upset he was. Beth immediately gets on the phone to tell Sally. But it’s obvious that Matilda’s formerly low opinion of Dalby is wavering.

Alf regrets telling Dalby the truth, but Morag thinks it was the right thing to do – Dalby just needs a little more time. The call comes from Sally that Dalby is still in town. Alf decides to track him down, but he can’t find him anywhere. Alf and Sally head out to the bush shack and find him there – only to be told to get lost. But Alf’s not leaving without making his pitch. Dalby has a family and shelter if he wants it – something he’s not going to get if he runs forever. Alf leaves him to mull it over and Sally reminds Dalby that Alf’s the only family he has – not something to be thrown away lightly.

Kirsty and Kane arrive back home and Kane feels the town has turned against him over the robbery. People are gossiping and he doesn’t like it. They find a message from a mate who thinks he’s found Gus. Is this the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for? are shattered when the lead on Gus falls through. Kane takes his anger out (verbally) on Kirsty. She’s unimpressed, and tells him so. Later he decides to track down Greg Harvey (the eye-witness). Kirsty begs him not to get into more trouble, but at the Diner he runs into Peter and takes the opportunity to steal Greg’s details from his notebook. He heads back to the Beach house to make the call, but Kirsty busts him before he can. She’s outraged he’d put her and the baby and the baby at further risk. Kane says he’s doing it for them!

Beth questions Matilda on Dalby. Matilda says she sees him in a new light now she’s had the experience of seeing a dead body. On top of everything else he’s been through, Dalby saw his Dad die in front of him! What must he be going through? A proud Beth pulls her into a hug – her little girl is growing up.

Back in town, Sally and Morag worry how Alf will react if Dalby decides not to come back. Dalby still hasn’t arrived by night time, and Alf fears the worst. But next morning, Alf is disturbed by a noise outside the Diner door. It’s Dalby! He’s slept there the whole night because he didn’t want to wake Alf. Alf welcomes him in and Dalby accepts. The smile on Alf’s face says these are the first tentative steps in a beautiful new relationship.

Back at the Beach house, Kane arrives home from getting some breakfast to hear Kirsty calling out in pain. He rushes to her. She’s clearly in agony and is worried it’s the baby. Will they lose the baby?


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