Episode 3865

Australian Air Date: 19th November 2004

Leah gets the shock of her life as her past catches up with her. Can Kit save Scott from self destruction? Will Kim and Kit reunite or be torn apart? VJ’s party is full of surprises.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3225. Paid one last visit to Leah and VJ in the guise of a bear-suit at VJ’s third birthday party. Left a touching farewell note to his wife.

Extended Summary

Kit confronts Scott about his recent behaviour. She’s ashamed of him for wallowing in his self pity over that spoilt princess Dani. He’s meant to be the man of the family now and it’s about time he started acting like it. This is exactly the tough love Scott needed and he soon realises she’s totally right. He’s still hurting, but now knows it’s time to move on with his life. Kit promises to support him. He has an idea for a special surprise for Kit, but he’s not going to tell her just yet.

Leah visits Peter bearing cake. But she’s really come to find out if he’s remembered Vinnie’s phone number. He lies and says he hasn’t. She’s adamant that she’s not going to join Vinnie in witness protection – that wouldn’t be right for either her or VJ. But she does want to give Vinnie the chance to see his son one last time. Leah asks Peter to pass that message on (when he remembers Vinnie’s phone number). Peter manages to (subtly) milk Leah for information on VJ’s party and secretly relays it to someone over the phone.

Kit goes to surprise Kim – but will he still be interested in her? It’s been six weeks and maybe he’s moved on? However, Kim makes his position clear with a passionate kiss. Later Scott springs his surprise on Kit – he’s taking her to Paris, and they leave in a couple of days. Normally this would be amazing news, but she’s just reconnected with Kim. She’s torn, but decides on Paris. Before she can break the news, Kim tells her how excited he is that’s she’s spending her holidays with him. He’s made heaps of plans for them both and is really excited. Now Kit doesn’t know what to do! Will she disappoint Kim or Scott?

Alf drops by Sally’s place and is told by Sally that she and Flynn were going to offer to take in Dalby. Alf feels cowardly for not doing it himself. Sally understands that he was afraid Dalby might reject him. She thinks he shouldn’t give up hope – both Flynn and Morag are doing their best to track him down. Alf desperately wants the kid found, but part of him thinks it might be better for everyone if Dalby found happiness somewhere else.

Dan has gone on a shopping frenzy for VJ’s party. He’s bought heaps of presents, decorations, balloons … the works! He’s turned Leah’s house into a birthday wonderland and she’s touched. Dan says he wanted to make it special for her and VJ. Besides, it’s great therapy for him after missing out on his own son’s birthday because he’s overseas. The party is a huge success and everyone is swept up in the fun.


The life of the party is a man dressed up in a bear suit. He’s jumping around, dancing and hugging everyone. The bear gives special attention to VJ and Leah. They’re loving him and having a wonderful time. Leah assumes that Dan organised him, but unbeknown to her, he didn’t.


Dan gives the bear a break and shows him into the bedroom for a rest. Whilst on his own the bear receives a visit from Leah who asks him whether he has a business card. The bear seems uneasy around her at first, but then escorts Leah out of the room back to the party. On his way out he drops a note.

Leah kisses Dan to thank him for all the hard work – from a distance the bear watches them with an almost ‘sorrowful’ look on his face.


After the party Leah’s shocked to find a note in her bedroom from Vinnie. It explains that it was him in the bear suit. He wanted one last chance to hold Leah and VJ in his arms. He understands her decision not to join him. He will love and adore her and VJ forever. This is his final goodbye. Leah is overcome with emotion.