Episode 3276

Australian Air Date: 13th May 2002

Lara is crushed when she learns Seb kissed Kirsty. Dani decides she wants to give the mediation another go. There is a growing attraction between Irene and Paris.

Extended Summary

Seb’s in a bit of a bind – after kissing Kirsty, he’s gotten up the courage and told Lara. Lara was devastated, obviously, and no one is really sure what will happen between those two now. Lara’s not giving any response about the future of their relationship for now.

Rhys and Shelley are very unhappy with Flynn for convincing Dani to confront Kane. Flynn feels that as the mediator, he has a duty to take care of Kane as well as Dani, while Rhys just wants Dani kept safe. Josh is also firmly against the whole idea. There’s one good thing at least – Dani and Brodie are talking again, and Dani’s enlisted Brodie’s help in convincing Rhys and Shelley to let her have another go at mediation with Kane.

Erin Flannery

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