Episode 3079

Australian Air Date: 28th June 2001

Will feels that Dani is pushing him away. Vinnie’s ‘Star Colour’ party ends disastrously. Jodie tells Gypsy that her mother still hits her.

Return episode, last seen in #3070.
Saleslady for Star Colours clothing. Roped Vinnie into holding a Star Colours party.
Woman at Vinnie’s Star Colour party who found Leah’s advise more useful.

Extended Summary

Vinnie isn’t having any luck at the moment. His party was a success, thanks to Leah, who ended up taking control. Vinnie kept getting his information mixed up. On top of the this, they also had their VCR taken.

Will’s been stressed lately. Dani’s not herself. She pulls away whenever he goes near her. Rhys told him to hang in there for Dani’s sake. Will is also worried about Irene. Hayley wanted to go out and Irene said no. Hayley started getting her hackles up, so Will told her Irene’s been having trouble sleeping at night. That’s when it dawned on them: she’s probably feeling glum due to Ken. Hayley’s going to paint a picture of the family for Irene.

Gypsy’s infuriating everyone especially Shelley and Sally with this Jodie business. Shelley’s told her the bruises are Jodie’s own doing. Gypsy doesn’t believe her and has been waiting for Jodie outside of school to check up on her. Noah went with her. He admires Gypsy for caring about Jodie. Anyway, Jodie told Noah that her mother hits her because she’s naughty. Gypsy’s wanting to get to the bottom of it but it’s likely to get her into more trouble than she’s already in. Shelley’s warned her that the authorities are dealing with it. But Gypsy can’t leave it alone.

Erin Flannery

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