Episode 2996

Australian Air Date: 5th March 2001

Shelley is devastated at the news that her parents are separating. Noah returns to find Holly worming her way into Jude’s affections. Brodie reveals the extent of her feelings for Mitch. Rhys warns Will to stay away from his daughter.

Extended Summary

Dani’s distraught after breaking up with Will. Gypsy’s also upset, and she’s been to see Shelley about it. Shelley believes Gypsy’s explanation, Dani doesn’t. Gypsy approached Dani, to tell her that nothing had been going on and that breaking up with Will would be the worst thing she could do, but Dani didn’t want to hear it.
Mitch is trying to comfort Brodie. Brodie keeps saying that she’s OK, but Mitch isn’t so sure.

Shelley just found out her parents have separated. Rhys thinks Shelley’s mum dominated the marriage, while Shelley thinks her dad has faults too. It was enough to upset Shelley, even after Rhys apologised. Could it be there’s something deeper going on?

Much to Hayley’s relief Noah has returned after disappearing for a few days. He didn’t say where he’s been, but Jude’s been getting a hard time from everyone about it. However Noah isn’t keen to go back to Jude’s anytime soon, so Noah is going to stay with Will for a while, to cool off a bit.

Holly is making herself way too comfy, for anyones liking. Jude gave Holly money to stay at the caravan park, but she bought new clothes instead! Holly told Rhys was certain she’d be staying with Jude from now on, unknown to Jude AND Shauna. What is Holly really up to?

Erin Flannery

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