Episode 2930

Australian Air Date: 13th October 2000

Vinnie is suspicious of Shauna and Harry’s new closeness. Irene begins to warm to Noah. Hayley’s attacker is caught. Brodie realises she has become a real part of the Sutherland family.

Final episode. Revealed his ugly side by abusing Hayley before being run out of town by Will.
Sixth appearance, last seen in #2921. Checked up on a battered Hayley after her confrontation with JT.

Extended Summary

Noah went to see Hayley once he found out that she had been beaten up. Irene didn’t want him in the house, but when Hayley heard Noah’s voice and came down the stairs to see him, she had to let him in the house. Noah was even allowed to cook pancakes! Irene told him that putting the virus into the Education Department’s computers was not the right way to protest and Noah said that he didn’t mean to cause as much damage as it did.

Meanwhile, Nick went to school and told everyone what had happened to Hayley. He described the guy that hit her and Brodie knew straight away that it was her brother. Nick said that if anyone saw him that they should “Call the police…no wait…call himself and Will and then call the ambos”!!

Jonathon (Brodie’s brother) went to see Brodie at the Sutherlands and almost hit her when Shelley walked in. He pushed past Shelley and she fell on the floor and hit her head and then Brodie chased him to the beach. After a big chase with half the beach goers after him he was cornered. Will told him to get up so that he could punch him but Rhys convinced him not to.

Brodie decided that she was going to move out from the Sutherlands. Rhys told her that he was unhappy that she hid her brother and lied about it. Rhys told her that she is allowed to make a couple of mistakes, nobody is perfect and that she is not leaving. She said that she was so lucky to live with the Sutherlands!

Harry had a word to Shauna about her attitude towards Vinnie. He told her that it wasn’t just Vinnie that she was mad at but she was also feeling guilty about Gavin’s death. Shauna thought about it and then told Vinnie that she saw the school’s memorial to Gavin and that Vinnie’s photo was the best part of it.

Caterpillar, 2000