Episode 1662

Australian Air Date: 4th April 1995
Writer: Tracey Doig / Trinder
Director: Grant Brown

The caravan’s been destroyed, but Sally thinks she’s off the hook. Shane and Angel are married.

Return episode, last seen in #1584. Returned to be bridesmaid at Angel’s wedding.

Extended Summary

Sally and Pippa help Angel finish setting up the church for the following days wedding. Angel tries to thank them, but Pippa tells Angel that all she wants is for her to have a wonderful wedding. They then wonder how the bucks party is going. The boys fight the caravan fire. Michael checks on Jack. Jack says he is OK. Michael then goes to run inside to phone the fire brigade.

Michael runs into phone the fire brigade. Rob runs in and tells Michael he’ll phone the fire brigade and Michael can look after Jack. Michael wraps Jack in some blankets and asks him if knew what happened. Jack says that he thinks it might be his fault as he was smoking at the time.

Selina sits in front of the TV eating biscuits. Damian and Rob walk in and tell her about the caravan exploding and Don getting drunk. Selina is disappointed at missing all the fun, but they tell her there are pictures. Rob heads off to bed. Damian then sits down next to Selina to watch the video.

Michael continues to fuss over Jack who assure him he is alright. Pippa and Sally run after seeing the fire engine and want to know what happened. Michael tells them about the explosion. Sally realises that that was the caravan that she was carrying out her chemistry experiments in, but Jack tells her that she can’t say anything.

The film finishes. Selina is crying and she apologises to Damian. They start talking about Nelson. Selina tells Damian that he reminds her of Nelson. Selina goes to get them both a hot chocolate.

Sally tells Jack that she must have left the gas on after she had finished doing her experiments. Jack tells her that she can’t tell Michael and Pippa about it, otherwise they might not get their insurance money from the damage caused to the van.

The following morning, Angel is looking for her make-up bag. Shane is practising his vows again, scared he’s going to forget them. There’s a knock on the door. Damian and Selina walk in. They tell Shane they’ve found someone else on the doorstep – Sarah Thompson. Angel and Sarah hug, and Sarah says that her dress is lovely. The kids then joke about Don’s drink being spiked the previous evening. Angel is unsure about going down the aisle in wheelchair, but Damian gives her a confidence building speech.

Jack asks Pippa where his black shoes are and also where Michael is, because he is supposed to be helping him set out the surf club. Pippa tells him that Michael has already done that because he wants to get back in time for the insurance assessor. Selina, Angel and Sarah come in and Jack decides to leave the room. Pippa gives everyone champagne and they have a toast.

Michael talks to the insurance assessor regarding the damage to the caravan. Selina, Sally and Angel talk about Sarah’s new boyfriend. Jack asks Michael what the status is with the caravan, but Michael thinks it’s going to be pretty simple to get the compensation. The girls then talk about what lipstick Angel should wear. Selina speaks positively of Damian.

Damian and Shane are getting ready for the wedding. Don walks in with a headache and the boys mock him over the previous nights events. Damian speaks postively of Selina and Shane teases him about setting up a double wedding.

The insurance assessor finishes his assessment and tells Michael that he’s finished, but it might take some time for the money to come through. The girls finish getting ready and they leave for the wedding.

Shane and Damian stand at the top of the aisle, waiting at the top of the aisle. Angel is late, but eventually arrives. She is about to be pushed downt he aisle by Don, when she tells him to stop and with his help, she manages to walk down the aisle. They go through the usual wedding rigemorole, at the end of which, Shane and Angel are pronounced man and wife.