Episode 1246

Australian Air Date: 31st May 1993
Writer: Sean Nash
Director: Jon Ossher

Nick is shocked when Greg admits his attraction to another woman.

Extended Summary

It starts in the Diner where Angel is moaning to Roxy about Shane being a jerk and Angel gets annoyed when Roxy suggests, deep down she really likes him. Adam arrives and Luke tells him about the dress rehearsal and he has to endure Roxy and Angel’s remarks about his hairy legs and they get the giggles. He takes Roxy and Luke back to the beach house for a costume fitting and has to endure more laughs, this time from young Sam, wanting to know why he’s got to wear a dress. All though the dress fitting, everyone teases him and when Alf arrives with the groceries and joins in Adam’s had enough and goes storming off upstairs. Luke tells Roxy to cool it because if Adam pulls out, they’ll have no show. Alf’s impressed with the fish Sam caught and he and Bobby laugh, when Sam starts calling Adam ‘Auntie’.

Greg is reluctant to accept some home grown vegetables from Fiona but she’s persist and goes to find a box to put them in. He waits nervously outside and when she eventually returns with them, she senses something’s wrong but he insists it’s because it’s getting late. As he drives home, he pulls over on the side of the road and chucks the vegetables out. Bobby and Sam are still teasing Adam, as they eat but when she asks what kept Greg, he lies, saying he had some soccer business to sort out. Adam decides to go to work, just to get away for the jibes and Bobby leaves Greg and Sam to do the dishes.

Shane’s still fuming back home, as he complains to Nick about Angel not being there to help them get the meal ready. As she arrives, Fisher comes in and attaches a schedule on the fridge door and when he explains the colour coding for the chores they all have to do, Shane and Angel are quick to notice they have more than Fisher and Nick. Fisher remarks that since they are the ones who make the more mess, then it’s only fair they get the lion’s share of the duties, which Nick wholeheartedly agrees with. Over dinner they both complain bitterly about how unfair it is and try as the might, Fisher refuses to change anything and then tells them it’s their turn to do the dishes. He and Nick retire to the sitting room with their coffee as Shane comes up with a suggestion about getting a professional cleaner but Angel scoffs at such an idea because she doesn’t think Fisher with agree with them. He comes up with a plan but to get it to work, they need to get Fisher out of the house and he tells her to leave it to him but she comes up with her own idea, resulting in Fisher going out. Nick’s gone down to the Surf Club for a game of pool and Adam can’t escape the wise cracks about wearing a dress because when Alf arrives he enjoys telling Nick all about it. Then Greg and Sam arrive and they join in the banter and Adam leaves them to it. He storms over to the Stewart’s home and tells Luke and Roxy he’s had it with all the jokes and refuses to have anything to do with the musical. After he leaves, Luke and Roxy find themselves back to square one – who can they get to take over? As Sam plays pool, Greg tells Nick about what Fiona did and Nick thinks he’s got himself in too deep with her and it’s going to be a problem if he’s starting to have feelings for her. Nick does his best to tell him to end his friendship with Fiona now because if he doesn’t, he could end up losing Bobby and Sam. Meanwhile, Fisher’s at the Diner praising Shane’s attitude to Bobby but she tells him, he’s been hood-winked by him and he’s horrified and rushes off to find out what’s going on at home. He arrives as Shane and Angel are fighting over the iron and they appear to have their arms around each other and he jumps to the wrong conclusion. When he says he knows what they’re up to, they think he’s talking about their plan to use the iron to ruin his shirts but he’s talking about hanky panky between them. When he tells them to get on with the ironing, Angel’s quick to realise what he meant and explains it to Shane and they both shudder at the thought. As Fisher keeps a wary eye on them, Angel thinks they’ve got to tell him the truth or face the embarrassment of everyone thinking they fancy each other. Shane thinks they should leave it until the morning, to allow him to cool down and Angel tells him to leave her to do the talking.

Back at the beach house, Roxy and Luke have enlisted Alf’s help in getting Adam to change his mind about the musical and all goes well until Greg and Sam come back and Sam starts teasing him again. Alf jumps in and makes Sam realise he’s not being clever and he apologises to Adam, who has agreed to play the part.

Bobby returns home after a gruelling late shift at the Diner and is surprised to find Greg waiting up for her. He tells her he needed to talk to her and says he doesn’t take her and Sam for granted.

It ends when he declares his love for her and as the hug, she looks worried…

Avril M Harrison

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