Episode 954

Australian Air Date: 5th March 1992
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Lou’s attempts to help Simon end disastrously. Julia considers leaving Summer Bay.

First episode. Surfie and local layabout. Fell for Finlay.

Extended Summary

Sally is cooking a Russian beef casserole. Michael is talking to her.

Sophie and Fin tell Sally that they made things worse by telling Julia about Meg’s illness as Meg has not told her mother yet.

Julia and Meg argue about it. Julia feels it was a mistake moving to Summer Bay since they now are in same situation that made them move to Summer Bay in the first place. Julia says they will move back to the city. She is very angry.

Sophie and Fin are worried as to how Meg is.

Sally notices she has put way too much salt in her cooking. Fin tastes it too and agrees. Sophie, Sally and Fin try to come up with a way to get rid of the salty taste.

Nick talks a bit to Blake and Simon about Simon’s problems with Sophie. Simon feels very worried about hurting Sophie’s feelings. Simon really wants to go out with Chrissie but she won’t do that since she saw Simon hanging around Sophie a while ago and the main reason why Chrissie thought badly of it was just because Sophie is pregnant.

Ailsa talks to Julia at the beach. Julia explains that she and Meg will be leaving for the city tomorrow morning.

Blake is a bit annoyed at Sophie since she and Fin told Julia that they knew about Meg’s sickness.

Blake calls over to Meg. She explains that everything is wrong. She is very worried because Julia wants to move back to the city.

Julia talks it over with Ailsa. She feels very sad about the whole situation. She also misses the times when she was the only one that was looking after Meg. She is crying a lot. Ailsa comforts her.

Sophie, Fin and Sally try to fix Sally’s cooking. Sally feels very bad and doesn’t want Michael to find out about her cooking disaster. They try a few things such as lemons and sugar to get rid of the salty taste, but it doesn’t work. Sally feels worse.

Fin and Sophie talk to Michael and want him to eat out today instead so that Sally would not feel bad when he finds out about the cooking disaster. Michael is OK with that.

Michael tells Sally he can’t eat at home today due to some business.

Meg and Blake spend time together. They are on the sofa and are kissing. Later on, they talk about their past. Blake also explains that he has been in a detention centre for twelve months for car theft.

Julia and Ailsa talk some more. Ailsa’s point is that Julia has to let go of Meg. Ailsa means that Meg needs other people to care for her as well. She also means that Meg won’t love Julia any less.

Nick tries to talk Lou into talking to Sophie about how Simon feels. Lou thinks Simon should tell her himself.

Lou changes her mind and talks to Sophie. Lou gets the idea that Simon already told her anyway so Sophie finds out how Simon really feels. Sophie is very angry (tense music).

Fin meets a guy at the Surf Club who is playing pool. She thinks he is very cute.

Julia speaks to Meg. She is feeling better now. She says they can stay in Summer Bay. Meg is happy and says that she loves Julia.

Michael is having his dinner at the Diner instead of at home. Nick and Lou are also there. Simon discovers that Sophie knows about his situation now as Lou thought that Simon already had spoken to Sophie. Simon is worried.

Fin is playing pool with the guy whom she thinks is very nice.

Simon rushes to the Surf Club and speaks to Sophie. She is very angry with him and yells at him.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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