Episode 955

Australian Air Date: 6th March 1992
Writer: Boaz Stark
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Simon receives some disturbing news about his father. A new face arrives in Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Sophie and Simon arguing late at night at the Rosses. Michael wakes up and hears it. He discovers that Fin is out with a new guy called Randy whom she met earlier at the surf club. Fin comes home late with Randy. Michael is angry but says hello to Randy.

Sophie, Fin and Simon think it is funny because of his name when Michael asks what kind of name that is.

Fin puts some coffee on for Randy. Sophie, Fin, Michael and Randy stay up late as they are talking to each other for a while. Michael seems annoyed. Randy leaves after a while. Fin says goodbye to him. Michael has a go at Fin because of Randy.

Simon tells Blake about Randy and how it was funny how Michael reacted to him.

Next day, Meg and Julia are talking for a while.

Randy phones and speaks to Fin. She is very happy about Randy. She will spend time with him later on today.

Julia is sitting at the beach. Ailsa speaks to her. Julia feels scared that Meg will be gone eventually.

Julia also speaks about the fact that it is good for Meg to spend time with Blake as it makes her happy. It is obvious Julia has a hard time dealing with it anyway. Ailsa has a talk to Blake and Meg about it. Ailsa thinks Meg should spend more time with her mum too.

Fin, Sophie and Randy spend some time in Diner. Simon walks in and sees them.

Lou talks to Sophie about Simon. She feels Sophie is giving Simon too much of a hard time just because he does not want to spend all the time with her.

Blake and Meg talk to Julia. Blake shows Julia magic trick using a coin.

Michael tells Sophie he is worried about Fin spending so much time with Randy.

Blake, Meg and Julia go to an amusement park. They are having a great time.

Simon packs his stuff to go to visit his dad. There are some troubles with his dad. He talks to Alf and Ailsa about it.

Sophie comes by and sees him packing.

Marilyn and Adam are ready to go on their trip around Australia. They are at the stop waiting for the bus. Marilyn is extremely excited about the trip.

Alf, Ailsa and Sophie drop Simon off at the bus stop. He will be on same bus as Adam and Marilyn.

Alf and Ailsa talk to Adam and Marilyn while Simon and Sophie are talking. Sophie has forgiven Simon now.

Fin spends more time with Randy. Michael isn’t happy about it.

Marilyn and Adam leave on bus to go on their trip around Australia.

Alf, Ailsa, Sophie, Meg, Julia and Blake say goodbye to them and Simon.

Meg and Blake kiss.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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