Episode 951

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 1992
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Blake realises that his time with Meg is limited.

Extended Summary

Greg and Sam play football at the beach. Fisher and Marilyn walk by. Greg has kicked the ball too hard and it is wrecked. Fisher tells Sam there’s another ball in one of his boxes at the beach house. Sam runs off to get it.

Adam got a phone call in the Diner from Michael that he can’t have his free day off since there’s more work at the boatshed. Adam calls in to see Michael and will start working on it.

Blake has been out swimming and talks to Meg at the beach. They kiss and have a good time.

Sam can’t find the ball in one of Fisher’s boxes.

Sophie is annoyed since she has to do all the laundry today.

Blake is OK if Julia wants to spend some time with Meg even though they had something planned.

Meg comes home and says Blake and her had arranged something today. Julia is OK with that and lets Meg spend the day with Blake.

Sam has found the ball but all the boxes are in a BIG mess. Greg gets annoyed and says they have to get the things back into the boxes. Greg and Sam put the things back. Greg says they won’t tell anything about it to Fisher.

Julia tells Blake and Meg not to do anything today that will be too exhausting for Meg on their day together.

Blake and Meg are out walking and are enjoying the beach. They sit and talk.

Julia spends some time with Alf and Ailsa and talks about Meg. Julia is glad that Meg is happy.

Adam and Greg argue about an engine they are fixing for Michael.

Ailsa and Alf show a photo of Karen to Julia and talk about her. They explain that Blake has been in a remand centre too before his mum’s death and that Blake blamed himself for her death.

Julia gets a bit emotionally hurt about the whole thing and decides to go home.

Greg and Adam explain to Michael about the engine. Greg explains that the whole engine needs a complete fix. He says that putting in a new piston now may keep it going for a while but then the engine cannot cope anymore. Adam thinks it will be OK anyway and Michael agrees with Adam since the customer needs the boat soon for the whole fishing season otherwise he will lose a lot of money.

Greg and Adam can’t get along working with it. Michael leaves Adam in charge of the whole thing while Greg and Adam are working on the engine.

Blake and Meg spend more time on beach. Meg has fallen asleep. He wakes her up and get a bit worried that he might have got Meg too exhausted.

Greg and Adam are doing it Adam’s way with the engine since Adam won’t let Greg decide even though Greg knows the engine won’t be able to handle it.

Meg and Blake come back. Meg is very tired. Julia gets very worried and gets angry with Blake for taking Meg on a too long walk. Meg tells him to get out. Meg feels bad for Blake’s sake and does not like the serve her mum gave him.

Adam and Greg get the engine going by doing it Adam’s way. Michael sees it and is pleased. After a little while the engine breaks down. Michael gets very angry with Adam for not listening to Greg earlier since he knew this would happen. Adam and Michael argue. Adam quits the job and Michael seems happy with that.

Blake tells Alf and Ailsa about the walk with Meg and how tired she was. Blake is upset that Julia blames it all on him since he really cares about Meg.

Blake realises that Meg is really going to die and that no one can’t do anything about it when it finally happens. He is very hurt and talks to Alf and Ailsa about it. He goes out in kitchen and starts crying and is really torn apart. Ailsa comforts him. Blake cries out that life sucks…

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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