Episode 952

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 1992
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Chris Martin-Jones

Will news of Meg’s illness reach Fisher? Michael handles a situation very badly.

Extended Summary

Fisher, Sam and Greg are having breakfast. Sam is worried when Fisher will discover that they put back Fisher’s stuff in the wrong boxes as he had them completely organised.

Greg doesn’t think Fisher will notice but a little while later Fisher notices it just as Sam thought he would. Greg and Sam explain to Fisher.

Fisher wants them to put everything in order using his list on which things go into which box!

Sophie, Fin and Michael notice the power is off at home. They have difficulty having time to be organised while Pippa is away visiting Carly and Ben and their baby.

Adam talks to Michael and wants his pay for the job he has done now that he has quit the job.

Michael wants Adam to keep working at the boatshed. Michael and Adam have an argument.

Blake talks to Meg. Blake feels bad as she got so tired after their walk. Meg doesn’t blame him as she knows how much she can handle. Blake talks to her about how things will be from now on.

Blake has a hard time understanding that things will get worse and that Meg will die eventually.

Blake is sure he still will be together with Meg anyway even when things get tough.

Michael finds out that the power will be back by lunchtime.

Fisher has a go at Meg for not doing homework since she was so tired last night. Fisher doesn’t know how serious it is so he goes on about it. Blake gets very annoyed with Fisher.

Michael is a bit angry with Greg as he thinks he could have stopped Adam fixing the engine his way when it broke down. Greg get a bit annoyed at Michael since he tried to tell Michael that earlier and also when he tried to talk Adam out of it.

Greg is down working at boatshed and tells Alf about it all. Sam hears it and notices Greg is annoyed.

Meg falls asleep in the middle of a class. Fisher spots it and wakes her up. Fisher gives Meg a hard time and Blake gets angry with Fisher. Fisher tells Blake and Meg to stay behind after class.

Sam and Greg have to put Fisher’s things back in the right boxes. Sam doesn’t really want to. Greg gets angry with him and yells at him that they have to do it since it was Sam’s fault in the first place.

Fisher talks to Meg and Blake after class. After a lot of yelling from Fisher about Meg skipping school work to be with Blake, Meg owns up and explains very carefully that she has leukaemia and that she will die. Fisher is very shocked.

He doesn’t know what to say. He apologises and feels very bad for Meg’s sake.

Fisher has to talk to her mum about it. Meg gets very worried about that. Blake is upset. Simon comes in and talks to him. Blake is angry at him for a joke Simon said in class earlier about why Meg was so tired from spending time with Blake.

Simon wants Blake to tell her the real reason why Blake is so upset. Blake explains he can’t say anything.

Simon tells him to explain or their friendship is over!

Sam thinks Greg does not want to spend time with him and Bobby anymore. Sam assumed wrongly from when he heard Greg talking to Alf earlier when he was annoyed. Greg assures Sam that he loves to spend time with him.

Fisher and Meg arrive at her place. Fisher has to speak to Julia. She tries to talk him out of it but Fisher won’t take no for an answer.

Ola Carlsson, 2000

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