Episode 757

Australian Air Date: 30th April 1991
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Sean Nash

Pippa and Michael exchange vows. Does Carly and Ben’s marriage stand a chance?

Extended Summary

Pippa has a nightmare on the morning of wedding to Michael. She wakes up and sees that Sally has brought her breakfast. Pippa thanks Sally for making her breakfast.

Michael searches around the caravan for black socks because his have got holes in them. Haydn tells Michael that he’s got black socks, but they’ve got holes in them as well. Michael runs out to get some black socks without even eating his breakfast.

Carly and Alf bring the food to Pippa’s. Sally sees that it’s tropical fruit pavlova and says that it’s her favourite. Alf tells Sally that it’s his favourite as well. Sally and Sophie leave to go to Mr. Fisher to collect Pippa and Michael’s present. Pippa continues to stress about the wedding whilst Carly, Alf and Haydn prepare the house for the wedding.

Michael leaves Fisher’s with a pair of black socks. Sophie and Sally arrived at Mr. Fisher’s and he starts spinning them a lie about the birds sleeping and that he’ll bring them over later as he doesn’t want to awake them. The reality is that Adam has still not arrived back from the City with the birds.

Nick makes a ham-fisted job of trying to wrap his present for Michael and Pippa. Marilyn looks at Julie’s dress. When Nick asks if he can see it, Marilyn, Julie and Bobby all tell him..NO! Marilyn and Bobby then fight over the bathroom and Julie wraps Nick’s present after his attempt fails.

Carly and Pippa stress over the wedding. Ben arrives at the house. Ben and Carly have a chat about Ben joining the army. Carly tells Ben they’ll finish the discussion after the wedding. Pippa sits upstairs looking at a photo of Tom. Carly goes upstairs and tries to help Pippa through her pre-wedding nerves. Pippa tells Carly that she needs to sort things out with Ben soon.

Fisher worries about where the birds are. Bobby tells him that the last she saw of Adam he was still at the diner.

Pippa starts to have second..third..fourth thoughts about marrying Michael. She asks to be left alone for a while. She takes one last look at the photo of Tom before placing it in a drawer. Downstairs, the living room is begining to fill up for the wedding. Adam arrives with the birds. Sophie, Sally and Fisher comment on how noisy they are.

Pippa finally comes downstairs and gets married to Michael. Sally and Sophie give their present to Michael and Pippa..two gallahs. Fisher chases after Adam. Two military policemen arrive wanting to see Ben. In front of Carly and Adam, they arrest Ben for going AWOL.

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