Episode 507

Australian Air Date: 3rd April 1990
Writer: John Hugginson
Director: Michael Ailwood

Sophie tries to keep a secret from her teachers and fellow students. Celia makes a shock announcement.

Extended Summary

Viv is glad to see Grant back at school, but Sophie hasn’t done his essay since she didn’t know if he was coming back. Viv agrees to help Sophie with it at lunch time.

Celia is saying goodbye to the Reverend Goodhope at the bus stop. He has had a wonderful time and being arrested was the highlight of his visit! He gives Celia his address and phone number while he’s in Australia in case she wants to talk more about his work. Celia returns to the store and asks Alf how he’d feel if she ever decided to leave Summer Bay but Alf just laughs as she’s part of the furniture.

At the Diner, Bobby shows off the new blouse she has made for herself with Pippa’s help. Pippa is there, worrying about Carly not eating properly so that she can fit into a skirt. Bobby confesses that she pretended the skirt was hers and had Ailsa take it in as a joke. Pippa has a go at her and leaves. Back at the house, Carly isn’t amused and tells Pippa this may cost Bobby more than just an apology.

At the Diner, Celia apologises to Grant for not believing his version of events over Vicki. She says he must find his job very rewarding and talks about how important it is to have a sense of purpose in life. She leaves as Carly arrives. Bobby apologises to Carly but Carly says she can take a joke and claims to be absolutely fine about it.

Sophie arrives in the computer room and claims she was held back in class. Viv has done the essay for her and prints it out. She recommends Sophie write it out herself and change some of the words.

Pippa repeatedly tries to pay at the store but Celia only wants to talk about Reverend Goodhope and knowing why you’ve been placed on the earth; Tom and Pippa must feel very accomplished as foster parents. Pippa wonders if Celia is feeling OK.

After lunch, Viv checks Sophie has re-written the essay. Sophie claims she has but then hands in the typed essay to Grant. Grant tells her that in future all homework needs to be hand written.

Bobby’s new blouse is hanging in the Diner kitchen and Carly is picking at it with a seam ripper when Ailsa tells her to get back to work. Carly deliberately spills a half-finished milkshake on Bobby who goes to get changed into the blouse.

Martin says goodbye to Tom, Pippa and Ben on the veranda at Summer Bay House. Lance and Marilyn appear and Martin hugs Marilyn. Lance and Martin go to the bus stop and they shake hands and then hug, both clearly upset. Martin gets on the bus and Lance watches sadly as it leaves.

Grant tells his class they will be reading their essays to the rest of the class tomorrow and Sophie looks troubled. The bell rings and they leave. Sophie bumps into Viv again and tells her about having to read the essay. Viv asks what’s wrong with that.

Alf delivers Pippa’s groceries to the house and Pippa asks him if Celia is alright as she was acting strangely earlier. She seems OK to Alf.

Ben and Carly are supposed to be going to the movies but Carly wants to hang around at the Diner and Ben thinks she’s up to something. Lance orders two hamburgers, two large chips, a double chocolate milkshake and two apple pies with cream from Bobby! Marilyn only orders a coffee and explains that Lance is depressed about Martin leaving. The sleeves fall off of Bobby’s blouse and Carly tells Ailsa to let Bobby know this makes them even.

Grant leaves his caravan for a run and Sophie sneaks inside. She finds the essays in Grant’s briefcase and takes hers out.

Celia arrives as Alf and Ailsa are eating dinner at home and Alf isn’t happy that she’s shut the shop. Celia has an important announcement to make… She’s leaving Summer Bay. She’s decided to help the Reverend Goodhope with his missionary work.

Guest Cast




Final episode.

Arrivals and Departures

Final episode. Left Summer Bay to join the army.