Episode 374

Australian Air Date: 17th August 1989
UK Air Date: 25th July 1990
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Russell Webb

Steven examines his feelings and behaviour towards his family, and the final truth about Dodge is revealed.

Final episode. Was exposed as the culprit for causing Philip’s death and was remanded in custody.
Busted Dodge for the manslaughter of Philip Matheson.
Busted Dodge for the manslaughter of Philip Matheson.

Extended Summary

Previous episode: Dodge admits to Steven that he burnt down the store, but insists he didn’t know Phil was in it. Fisher is watching from a distance. Steven wants to do more than beat him up.
Steven goes to punch Dodge in the face but stops just inches away. He slowly backs away then leaves. (Fisher presumably takes Dodge back to the Fletchers place or police station.)

Steven talks to Andrew about what happened. He wishes he had punched Dodge up, and can’t believe he wimped out. Andrew tries to justify why Steven couldn’t do it. He was a friend – it wasn’t a sign of weakness. Steven wants to know how Dodge will talk his way out of this one.

Dodge gets interviewed. The detective tells him he is in a huge mess even Houdini couldn’t get out of. Dodge denies burning down the shop and claims he was miles away Summer Bay with a mate. The detective tells Dodge his mate was in maximum-security jail for an offence he did the same time Dodge was supposed to be with him. Dodge blames some of his offences on Steven. He thinks all they have on him is a stolen VCR but the detective knows they have more than that.

Steven tells Andrew he’s not proud of helping Dodge frame Simon Yates for the fire. Steve purposely burns his hand on the kettle blaming himself for all that’s happened.

The detective asks Dodge his background. He tells the same story as what’s in his welfare file. The detective tells him he’s lying because he’s already busted the real Brian Knight. Dodge’s real name is Brian Roger Forbes and he’s been using someone else’s background. He’s just a thug with no excuse for everything he’s done. Dodge’s real father identifies him from a surveillance camera. Dodge gets charged with murder and is taken away.

Andrew talks some more to Steven about how things were at home with the rest of his family. He tells Andrew things weren’t as nice. Steven admits he was angry with everyone around him once Phil died. Andrew offers some reasons.

Pippa rips up a family photo with Dodge in it. Steven gets home and Pippa goes to bed. Steven stays up to do an essay on Hamlet. The story has a lot of similarities to what has happened with Dodge.

Steven reads his essay to the class. Steven sees a vision of Dodge sitting next to him smoking. When the classroom is empty, Fisher welcomes Steven back on track. He looks back at the empty classroom representing Dodge finally being out of his mind.

Trent Wursthorn