Episode 373

Australian Air Date: 16th August 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Russell Webb

The combined talent of Lance, Martin and Marilyn is put to the test when they make a video clip, and Steve discovers who caused the fire that killed Philip.

1st assistant director of Image’s video clip.
Assisted with the production of Image’s video clip.

> This episode is dated as 16/8/1989 as per the clapper board used in the Image shoot.

Extended Summary

Previous episode: Adam lets Dodge stay overnight in his yacht after finding him drunk in the street. When Dodge lies down, he rambles on about how he burnt down the old store that used to be across the road.
The next morning, Adam tells Dodge what happened the previous night. Dodge doesn’t remember any of it. Adam rips his clothes because he was told “not to look so good”. He tells Dodge he was not making sense when he talked about burning down the store. Dodge realises he has said this by accident. Dodge gets home and Pippa is angry. When she tells him off for not letting her know where he was, he just apologises and gets ready for school.

Dodge tells Steven he lied to Pippa about staying over at a mate’s place. He says he met some girls and gives Steve the impression he stayed the night at their house.

Marilyn reads through what the group will have to do for the video clip. Martin gets worried when it says they’ll be jumping off a building.

Fisher tells Adam off for wearing ripped clothes to work. He is treading on thin ice.

Nina tells Lance and Marilyn that they don’t have to break up after all, as long as they are private about their relationship.

Pippa is worried about Dodge and how he doesn’t listen.

Adam talks to Dodge and Steven about Dodge being drunk last night. Dodge is embarrassed because he lied to Steven.

Marilyn tries to step out of a rose with the help of a blue screen. No such luck! (funny scene)

After the class has finished watching a video, Fisher asks Adam to set it up in a different classroom. Before he gets to it, Dodge goes back into the classroom and steals it. When he tries to hide it, Fisher catches him trying to break a lock.

Dodge’s excuse is he was trying to help a mate. He wanted to use it to pay off Steven’s fine. Fisher tells him he will call the police unless Tom and Pippa say otherwise.

Marilyn tells Lance they should cool it while they’re in the group, so no one notices them together. Corny flying sequence for the video clip.

At the diner, Adam tells Steven the whole story. He doesn’t think Dodge would take the VCR for no reason.

Fisher tells Pippa what happened. She doesn’t know what to say. Tom is still on his business trip.

Steven finds out Dodge burnt down the shop (from a while back; Phil died in the fire). Steven runs out of the diner.

Pippa tells Fisher he can call the police. Dodge runs out of the house. Steven catches up to Dodge, Fisher runs behind them.

Dodge knows he can’t outrun Steve so he stops. He confesses he burnt down the shop but that he didn’t know Phil was in there. Steven goes to punch him.

Trent Wursthorn