Episode 294

Australian Air Date: 27th April 1989
UK Air Date: 2nd April 1990
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Mark Piper

Fisher finds an unidentifiable body in the fire.

Thirtieth appearance, last seen in #291. Investigated the identity of the burned corpse at Hogan’s Store.

Extended Summary

Bobby is over at Alf’s house. She talks to Ailsa about her fight with Frank.

Tom and Pippa drive in car and see Celia’s store is on fire. It is burning like an inferno. They call fire department and Alf.

Celia watches her store going up in flames.

Sally tells Steven that there is a fire in Celia’s store. He doesn’t want to see it. It brings back a lot of memories for him of his parents who died in a fire.

Bobby sees the fire and thinks Frank was in his flat in Celia’s store. She sees Tom and panics and cries a lot. Tom tries to calm her down. Fisher tells Bobby that there is a body in the fire but is beyond recognition. (Very emotional scene with music)

Tom brings Bobby to Tom and Pippa’s house. Sally is awake. Bobby is paralysed of shock and doesn’t say a word.

Steven freaks out of the thought of Frank dead in the fire. He throws furniture around the living room. Tom grabs him to get him to calm down.

Celia cries. Alf and Ailsa are also very emotionally upset. Celia blames herself somehow for the accident.

Everyone think Frank is dead.

Celia prays to God. (Emotional music).

Steven is extremely shocked of what have happened.

Frank is alive! Barnett turns up with Frank at the Fletchers house. Everyone is very shocked and extremely happy. It turns out Frank had left his flat to get out to get something to eat so he wasn’t in his flat during the fire.

Fisher offers Bobby and Frank to live at his house for a while.

Tom and Frank found Phil’s car empty on a road. The car has a flat tyre. There is no sign of Phil.

Tom phones Stacey. She explains Phil had called her earlier from the Celia’s store when he got the flat tyre on the car.

It looks as if it is Phil who died in the fire at Celia’s store.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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