Episode 293

Australian Air Date: 26th April 1989
UK Air Date: 30th March 1990
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Mark Piper

Frank and Bobby’s relationship deteriorates. Dodge sets fire to Celia’s Store.

Final episode. Burned to death in a house fire caused by Dodge.
Final episode. Burned down Hogan’s Store in a act of revenge against Celia, unknowingly killing a sleeping Philip in the process.

Extended Summary

Frank and Bobby have a hard time because they work long hours in their jobs.

Ailsa is at home resting in sofa. Alf is worried since she collapsed in Diner. He wants her in hospital but she says she doesn’t want to.

Bobby gives Simon (Roo’s new friend) a job at Diner.

Roo and Simon kiss at Morag’s place while Morag is out.

Bobby and Frank slept over their time they should be at work.

Phil is at Alf’s house to check on Ailsa. She seems ok now.

Matt accidentally runs into a girl on bicycle with his car outside Celia’s store. She is unconscious. Phil sees her and Celia phones an ambulance.

Alf is ok with Simon spending time with Roo but after a while Simon tell Alf that he have been in prison for armed robbery. Alf get angry and don’t want him to hang around Roo.

Bobby and Frank are over worked and argue.

Alf take things his own way and fires Simon from the Diner. Alf employs Matt to work in Diner again.

Simon and Roo talk about what happened.

The girl who had the accident is ok now and has no serious damage.

Someone burns down Celia’s store with a firebomb. (It is Dodge but you never get to see his face. Later on it reveals it actually was Dodge).

Ola Carlsson, 1999