Episode 290

Australian Air Date: 21st April 1989
UK Air Date: 27th March 1990
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Tina Butler

Roo innocently hands Andrew an incriminating letter and Lance offers a fugitive refuge.

Twenty-eighth appearance, last seen in #289. Questioned Phil after his medical supplies were stolen.

Extended Summary

Bob Barnett ask Dodge what his real name is. Earlier he said it was Sam, now he says it is Bruce! Barnett reckon Dodge could have stolen the money from the school dance income.

Tom finds the money and Roo and Simon (the guy she danced with) was in same corridor so Barnett have to question them as well.

Barnett goes to Morag’s house to talk to Roo. She isn’t home yet. Barnett explains to Morag about what happened.

Carly agrees with Andrew to take things slower in their relationship.

Dodge says he will go back to the city. Lance gives him some money.

Morag talks to Roo about what Barnett said.

Lance is feeling very sick and Phil goes over to check it out.

Barnett finds out that Dodge’s real name isn’t Bruce or Sam. He looks for Dodge at Lance’s place.

Lance find Dodge and tell him he have to tell Barnett the truth. Dodge wants Lance to help him to hide for a while. Lance is persuaded and say ok to it.

Dodge steals some pills from Phil’s medical briefcase, which lies in Phil’s car.

Andrew found out that Morag have something to do with his father (Andrew Foley senior). He thinks his father is backing the youth centre. Andrew shows Morag a letter that Roo gave him with his father’s address on. Roo thought it was Andrew’s address in the city and it was because of that she gave him the letter.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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