Episode 291

Australian Air Date: 24th April 1989
UK Air Date: 28th March 1990
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Mark Piper

Carly makes a fool of herself at a dinner party and Celia takes the law into her own hands.

Twenty-ninth appearance, last seen in #290. Helped Celia bust a miscreant Dodge.
Chatted to Carly about the youth centre.
Chatted to Carly about the youth centre.
Provided a distraction for a hiding Dodge.

Extended Summary

Phil and Stacey notice that someone have broken into his car and stealing some pills from his briefcase. He suspects it could be Dodge.

Andrew tells Morag that she will have to tell his father to get out of the youth centre project or he won’t be working in it.

Dodge tries to steal a very fancy car outside Celia’s store. Phil turns up and see Dodge. Dodge hurries into Celia’s store and hides the pills he stole from Phil earlier and runs out.

Dodge hurries to Lance and beg him to hide him. Lance says ok.

Andrew tells Carly about his father is involved in the youth centre project.

Lance tells Dodge about a girl (Marilyn Chambers) he is interested in.

Celia finds Phil’s pills in her store. She hives them to Phil. He is relieved.

Stacey and Phil are over at Morag’s house for dinner. Carly and Andrew is there as well. Phil will also be involved in the youth centre project. (Classical music in the background).

Celia put a mousetrap in her store where Dodge had hidden the pills to get Dodge caught when he tries to take the pills back.

Dodge leaves Lance’s place.

Carly gets upset during dinner at Morag’s house. She feel everyone there is treating her as if she is nobody when she try to be in their conversations and comes up with some ideas.

Celia waits up at night in her store armed with a rolling pin. She have decided to try to get Dodge caught in the act.

Dodge turns up at her store after a while to get his pills. He breaks into Celia’s store. Celia tries to handle the situation.

He gets caught in the mousetrap when he reached for the pills. Bob Barnett turns up and arrest Dodge. Dodge looks very hostile against Celia.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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