Episode 289

Australian Air Date: 20th April 1989
UK Air Date: 26th March 1990
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Tina Butler

Fisher has a surprising change of heart.

Twenty-seventh appearance, last seen in #210. Was suspicious of Dodge’s arrival in town.
First episode. New guy in town who fell for Roo.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Sally asks Tom and Pippa why she can’t go to the dance competition too. They say she is too young.

Tom is painting outsides of the windows to Tom and Pippa’s house.

Steven asked Rebecca why she couldn’t go to the dance competition. She explained Fisher wouldn’t let her. Steven is upset since Fisher is always deciding what she can or can’t do.

Steven tries to change Fisher’s mind so Rebecca can go to dance but Fisher won’t change his mind. Steven gets angry.

Bobby tells Bob Barnett that her wallet was stolen down at beach. Dodge walks into the Diner and pay what he owns Ailsa for the time when he walked out without paying. Barnett, Frank and Bobby see it and think Dodge acts suspicious.

Martin doesn’t like that Lance let Dodge live at Lance’s place.

Sally is very happy that Lance is back again.

Andrew turns up at Fletchers house even though Carly laid such strong ultimatum on him earlier. They will go to the dance together. Carly and Andrew hugs. (Emotional music plays).

School dance starts. Frank is disc jockey. A lot of people are there.

Steven was over at Fisher’s to say goodbye to Rebecca before she leaves back to the city tomorrow. They kiss and say they really like each other.

Fisher changes his mind and will let Rebecca go with Steven to the dance anyway. She is very happy. Rebecca hugs Fisher. (Emotional music)

Roo meet a guy called Simon at the school dance. They dance together and have a great time.

Rebecca comes to school dance. Steven sees her and is very happy.

Bobby finds out that Dodge have been down at beach earlier even though Dodge denies it.

Dirty Dancing Competition starts. Steven and Rebecca is dancing very good and enjoy their time together.

Celia tells everyone at dance that they have been robbed of the school dance income money. No one is allowed to leave the hall until they find out who did it.

Ola Carlsson, 1999