Episode 261

Australian Air Date: 13th March 1989
UK Air Date: 14th February 1990
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Tina Butler

Tom makes a sad announcement and Bobby and Frank become aware of someone observing their private moments.

> New Opening Credits: Tom moving lawns; Pippa tending to flowers; Steven busting Frank reading ‘the Boss’ magazine; Carly and Roo perving on the beach; Bobby playing games with Sally; Ailsa reluctantly clinking glasses with a beer-swilling Alf; Donald frustrated by a nosey Celia as he tries to read the mail; Morag outside her mansion.
> Alf’s parents are still in Tahiti.
> Fisher’s cat ‘Papagaeno’ is still alive.

Extended Summary

Bobby tells Ailsa when she comes to the Diner that there’s something Bobby need to sort out with Fisher first.

Fisher explains to Bobby that he only paid her so much attention because she was s good friend to Alan.

Pippa comes back from a holiday at her parents.

Morag and Roo are out at Morag’s house (Morag has bought a big luxury mansion that she and Roo will live in). Some builders are making some changes on the mansion.

Tom tells Pippa the devious plan that Nicholas and Gordon Macklin was up to with the caravan park and the real reasons behind Tom’s job offer in London.

Fisher talks to Morag about Bobby but Morag isn’t interested in talking about it. They get angry with each other and Fisher explains he cares a lot for Bobby now.

He wants to legally put Bobby in his will and Morag agrees to do it for him.

Nicholas wants to force Tom and Pippa out of caravan park by buying all properties around it and move in the bulldozers!

Pippa shows photos of herself when she was on holiday with her parents. Sally, Bobby, Frank and Tom have a look at them.

Tom tells Frank that he will help him with his overtime work.

Tom tells everyone in the family that they are not going to move to England.

Fisher comes over to Frank’s place and watches Bobby and Frank through the window without them being aware of his presence. (Music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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