Episode 260

Australian Air Date: 10th March 1989
UK Air Date: 13th February 1990
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Gaye Arnold

Bobby demands to know the reasons for Fisher’s strange behaviour. Floss and Neville run away to the circus.

Extended Summary

Floss helps Carly to get through a major hangover.Floss and Neville are the only ones who know about it and Floss promises not to tell anyone else for Carly’s sake.

Phil has discovered from Floss that Carly has been drinking again. Floss promised not to say anything but felt she had to tell him about it.

Neville wants to move out of the caravan park as they have lived there such a long time. Floss has her doubts but agrees after a while.

Tom tells the Fletchers that he will keep the caravan park as an investment for them. They’re excited and happy about it.

Carly tells the Fletchers that she got drunk today. She needs them to help her again.

The next morning, Floss and Neville leave the caravan park and their van they lived in without anyone knowing. They leave a message on the door of the van in the caravan park.

Tom finds the note from Floss and Neville and they realise that they have left the caravan park. Sally is emotionally upset over it.

Neville and Floss have got a car failure; the Fletchers catch up with them on a road. Everyone says a proper goodbye to Floss and Neville. Both Sally and Floss cries (emotional scene).

Morag tells Nicholas to put harder pressure on Frank’s work to cause more arguments between Frank and Bobby.

Fisher asks Bobby to have breakfast in the Diner with him. She’s surprised and suspicious as to why he is so nice all of a sudden.

Frank explains to Bobby that he will have to work late again. She gets upset over it.

Tom and Stacey figure out that Morag is causing trouble for Bobby by letting Nicholas make Frank work late all the time.

Bobby tells Fisher in the Diner that she won’t let him leave until he tells her why he is acting so strange.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

Arrivals and Departures

Floss McPhee (Sheila Kennelly)
Final episode. Left Summer Bay with Neville to join the circus again.

Neville McPhee (Frank Lloyd)
Final episode. Left Summer Bay with Floss to join the circus again.