Episode 259

Australian Air Date: 9th March 1989
UK Air Date: 12th February 1990
Writer: Bevan Lee
Director: Gaye Arnold

Tom and Stacey get together to foil Nicholas’ evil plans, while Carly suffers a major setback.

Extended Summary

Carly is upset and goes to talk to Floss and Neville. She tells them what has happened and that Matt wants to dump her.

Stacey tells Phil that she isn’t resigning from her job like she planned to.

Carly tells Floss that she wants to drink again now that she’s so depressed over Matt. Floss convinces her to be strong and not to drink any alcohol.

Stacey talks to Tom about his job offer in London. She also tells him that the reason behind it is just Nicholas and Gordon’s plan to get Tom away from Summer Bay. He also finds out that Nicholas plan is to buy the caravan park from Morag. He is very angry about it.

Carly tells Matt that she overheard Steven and Tom talking about his plans to dump her. She tells him it’s OK that they’re not in a relationship.

Carly walks along the beach; she sits down and starts crying (emotional music plays)

Tom goes over to see Morag but he pretends he has no knowledge of anything about Nicholas’ plan to buy the caravan park from her. He plays along and says he want the caravan park to be an investment for all the Fletcher kids and not just Bobby.

Tom tells Morag that he won’t sell the caravan park. He will keep the caravan park.

Nicholas and Morag are upset now that Tom won’t sell the caravan park. They have to come up with a new way make him to sell it.

Bobby talks to Fisher outside the school. They get along well. Carly arrives at school late and he gets angry with Carly. Bobby tells him about Matt dumping her and that is why she is depressed and it could be the reason why she is late. He won’t accept this as an excuse so Bobby gets angry at Fisher. He changes his mind about Carly being late and Bobby is surprised and forgives Fisher.

Floss finds Carly in Carly’s room dead drunk on her bed. She realises Carly has fallen back to her alcohol addiction.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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