Episode 23

Australian Air Date: 17th February 1988
UK Air Date: 15th March 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Greg Shears

Roo resorts to burglary in her attempts to discredit Ailsa.

Showed Lynn to a detached and deranged Nico.
Final episode.

> Morag is first mentioned.

Extended Summary

Neville spots someone sneak around the Fletchers. He thinks it may be the one who has poisoned Nico’s cow. But it is actually Roo sneaking around the house to climb up the ladder to Frank’s bedroom through the window.

When Roo and Frank are about to have sex, Roo stops him from going any further. She tells him she only wanted to have sex with Frank to get back at Alf when she was upset. They decide to wait until the time is right instead.

Neville walks into the Fletchers to check who has been sneaking around the house. Roo and Frank hear that someone is in the house and they think it is a burglar. Steven is awake too and he hits Neville before realising who it actually is! They explain to Neville they thought he was a burglar!

Tom and Pippa come back from the hospital. They tell their kids that the baby is healthy and it will be born in seven months.

Tom and Pippa are in bed and talk about the risk that Pippa might not survive giving birth to the baby even though they have not mentioned this to the kids. Pippa feels something hard under her pilow and finds Frank’s freestyle with two pair of headphones in their bed. They realise Frank must have been in their bed. They’re worried if Frank and Roo had sex. Pippa siggests to Tom that he should talk to Frank about it.

Roo wants Morag (Roo’s aunt who is a judge) to check up on Ailsa’s past since no-one really knows anything about Ailsa’s past. Celia asks Ailsa about her past, but Ailsa doesn’t want to talk about it.

Tom speaks to Frank about sex and precautions. Frank says nothing happened between him and Roo.

Roo sneaks into Ailsa’s home (which is in back of her store) and searches around for something. She finds a card from Fisher when they had a relationship. Roo takes it home and shows it to Celia.

Pippa talks to Floss. Pippa explains that there is only a 50 percent chance that she will survive giving birth to the baby. Tom thinks the chances of her survival is 95 percent. She asks Floss to read her tarot cards to her but Floss tells her she can’t. After Pippa leaves, Floss is tempted to read them, but then leaves them.

Tom and Lynn visits Nico in the home he is placed in but he can’t recognise them as he has been badly traumatised.

Lynn throws away her pictures of Jesus and stops believing in God due to what happened to Nico. Carly tells Pippa and Tom about her tantrum. Pippa tries to comfort her.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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