Episode 22

Australian Air Date: 16th February 1988
UK Air Date: 14th March 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Greg Shears

Fingers are pointed in the wake of Jessie’s poisoning.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #6. Informed Ailsa of Nico’s hospitalisation following Jessie’s death
Second appearance, last seen in #13. Was witness to Lynn losing it at Lance and Martin.

Extended Summary

Frank’s band is about to rehearse but Martin is late.

Roo is upset because of Alf and Ailsa’s engagement.

Lynn has discovered what Martin and Lance have done to Nico and gives out to them.

The police tell Alf that Nico can’t live in his home anymore. They investigate as to who poisoned his cow. Ailsa and Alf call into see Fisher and give out to him about his treatment to Nico.

Bobby informs Lynn about Nico being placed in a home for mentally unstable.

Lynn runs to the Fletchers with Bobby running after her; she has an outburst at Martin and Lance and throws things at them. She is very angry at them for what they did to Nico.

Martin and Lance drop by in Alf’s store, and face a lecture from him over Nico.

Roo cries when she thinks of her mum and she thinks Ailsa has taken her mum’s place. Frank comforts her and and they fall asleep in Tom and Pippa’s bed, as Tom and Pippa are in hospital for a check-up on Pippa’s pregnancy.

Roo returns home very late and Alf gets very angry. Roo is upset and goes out again and climbs up through Frank’s bedroom window. They enter Tom and Pippa’s room; they then kiss and it seems like they will be having sex!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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