Episode 21

Australian Air Date: 15th February 1988
UK Air Date: 13th March 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Greg Shears

Nico’s efforts to make peace with Fisher backfire. Meanwhile, Roo resolves to probe Ailsa’s mysterious past.

Final episode.

> Jessie (Niico’s cow) is poisoned by the Summer Bay ‘Nutter’ at the end of this episode.

Extended Summary

Alf proposes to Ailsa again and this time, she says yes. Alf and Ailsa celebrate and drink expensive wine Ailsa has stored.

Alf tells Roo about his proposal to Ailsa and Roo is shocked.

Martin and Lance play a prank on Nico. They talk him into fertilising Fisher’s garden. Nico walks to Fisher’s garden with his cow, Jessie, and puts the “natural fertiliser” outside Fisher’s house!

Roo looks at the old photos of Martha (Martha was Alf’s wife who died awhile back) and Alf. Alf notices the photo album opened with pictures on Martha on those pages.

Fisher walks out of his house and steps right into the fertiliser! Fisher gets very angry at Nico, who is still in Fisher’s garden with his cow. Nico just thought he is being helpful. Fisher is angry with him and gets rough with him.

Fisher tells Alf what happened but gets laughed at!

Alf and Ailsa speak to Fisher and Celia and announce that they are engaged.

Alf and Ailsa call over to the Pappas’ and discover it was Martin and Lance who tricked Nico into fertilising Fisher’s garden. Alf pushes Martin and Lance into his store and lashes out at them for their treatment of Nico. They own up to Fisher that they tricked Nico into it. Fisher forces them to remove the fertiliser with their bare hands; Martin refuses to touch it; leaving it to Lance!

Mrs Pappas has seen someone sneaking around the farm lately. Someone poisons Nico’s cow. Nico finds it lying dead and starts to cry; a while later, he starts to get very aggressive.

Nico attacks Mr Fisher and tries to strangle him, accusing him for poisoning his cow! Martin and Lance stop Nico in time, but is Nico alright?

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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