Episode 208

Australian Air Date: 2nd November 1988
UK Air Date: 29th November 1989
Writer: Greg Haddrick
Director: Tina Butler

Stacey and Philip confront Gary Samuels, but he ignores their threats. Craig returns from the hospital.

Twenty-fifth appearance, last seen in #203. Listened to Craig’s story about Jeff’s pills.
Steven’s friend who saw double-PE as a torture trash.

Extended Summary

Stacey and Phil are out in their car. They drive to the spot where Gary’s parents died in the car crash a long time ago – it is a on high cliff.

Fisher wants to talk to Jeff and Craig in his office to sort out the business with the painkillers. Craig comes out of hospital today.

Stacey and Phil ask Neville and Floss about Gary’s parents accident, if there has been something unusual about it. Neville tells them there was a plastic spider staring in his parents’ faces while they lay dead in the car after the accident (Strange music plays)

Fisher is questioning Craig and Jeff, one at a time, about the painkillers. Jeff still denies that he gave them to Craig. Craig backs up Jeff’s story.

Fisher finds out from Celia that she saw Craig with the painkillers just before the Fun Run; Fisher realises that Craig has not told him the full story.

Phil is at the cliff where the accident of Gary’s parents happened. He holds a plastic spider and thinks. (Mysterious music plays)

Phil figured out how the accident may have happened.

He drags Stacey out of her office while she is on the phone to her father. Her father called back; Phil answered the phone and pretended to be a pizza deliveryman! (Funny scene)

Phil and Stacey drive to the cliff again. Phil has arranged it so that the plastic spider falls down from the window at Stacey’s seat while Phil is driving. She’s shocked! Phil pulls the car over rapidly. He says that’s how the accident must have occurred, apart from the fact that Gary’s parents went over the cliff instead. This is a pretty shocking way of showing how the accident happened. He says, “That’s how Gary killed his parents!”

Phil and Stacey tell Gary that they know that he killed his parents and how he did it. He admits it after a while but says it was an accident and that it was just meant to be a joke.

Fisher discovers the truth about the painkillers.

Gary tells Tom that he wants to meet Phil and Stacey at the cliff. Phil and Stacey drive out to the cliff.

Gary is there and threatens to kill himself by jumping off the cliff.

Gary jumps down the cliff. Stacey screams! But Gary bluffed, he jumped down to a smaller cliff. He smiles at them and says, “This is going to be fun!”

Ola Carlsson, 1999